Atari Masterpieces Volume 1 E3 2005 Hands-On Report

Atari Masterpieces Volume 1 brings together 12 total classic Atari 2600 games.


Atari Masterpieces Volume 1 is a direct port of 12 classic Atari games to the Nokia N-Gage. Bearing no relationship to any of the previous Atari compilations on any system, Atari Masterpieces assembles 12 games that have not been in the same place in approximately 20 years.

The eight games available from the start are Asteroids, Super Breakout, Black Widow, Red Baron, Lunar Lander, Missile Command, Millipede, and Battlezone. Every single game in this compilation perfectly replicates the arcade version, from the graphics and picture quality to any of the flaws or bugs you may have remembered encountering back then. Above all, Nokia is attempting to disrupt the gaming experience of these classics as little as possible. It has done an admirable job too, all things considered. The N-Gage control pad is no arcade joystick, but it does a suitable job of providing comfortable and easy controls for each of these games. The sound effects are remarkably well captured and will remind you of the old days in just a few short bleeps and bloops. The game looks hauntingly familiar, which will have to simply suffice because they're "retro" and not because they actually showcase the N-Gage's graphic capabilities. As always with these games, you're reminded of how fun the bare minimum used to be.

Progressing through the game will allow you to unlock four additional titles: Adventure, Surround, Chess, and the mighty Yar's Revenge. These games are replicated in the same fashion as the eight initial games and they offer a virtually identical gaming experience.

Atari Masterpieces Volume 1 is going to be offered at a lower price point of $14.99.

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