Atari fires up Dragonshard Web site

An RTS title set in the new Dungeons & Dragons realm of Eberron is being developed by Liquid and will be available in June.



Dungeons & Dragons fans itching to sink Vorpal blades into the eye(s) of a Beholder will still have to wait until June 14 to delve into Atari's Dragonshard, but in the meantime, brave adventurers can explore the game's Web site, which launched this week.

The upcoming real-time strategy and role-playing game is set in the new realm of Eberron, a mystical planet orbited by powerful crystals that occasionally fall to the planet's surface, endowing those who discover them with great power. The game will unfold both above ground and below ground, with surface encounters being large-scale battles, and underground adventures consisting of smaller parties engaging in close-quarter squabbles.

Those who journey to the Web site will find details on the game's features, descriptions of the characters, and several downloads, including screenshots and video of the game in action.

For more information, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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