Atari Europe: Game development goes on

The company wants to make clear that financial and restructuring issues at Atari, Inc. will not affect the European arm.


Earlier this week, troubled publisher Atari hit the headlines after its latest financials showed the US company's figures taking a nosedive across the board. In a statement, Atari admitted that it was concerned about its ability to continue to operate, and after selling off its development studios, it will concentrate on publishing and distribution in the US.

However, Atari's head of UK PR, Lee Kirton, told GameSpot today, "For Atari Europe business is fine. There's been some restructuring in the US but it doesn't affect Europe."

He reassured gamers that Alone in the Dark, Test Drive Unlimited, and the other titles that Atari had coming up would not be affected.

Earlier this month, Atari's US CEO David Pierce resigned after just over one year on the job, and figures were released for both the first and second quarter, both of which painted a bleak picture for the company.

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