At Least Four New Heroes Could Be In The Works For Overwatch 2

Heroes never die.


Overwatch 2, which was revealed at BlizzCon last week, will introduce new heroes, maps, and modes. The only new hero officially confirmed during BlizzCon was Sojourn, and although we're not yet sure how she'll play, we know that she will be the first new character added to the game.

But several other characters are seemingly in the works at Blizzard too, even if they're not ready to show them off yet. Game Informer was given an early look at the game back in early October, and saw a brief glimpse at some character art that hasn't yet been shown off.

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During a PowerPoint presentation at Blizzard's office, run by game director Jeff Kaplan, four silhouettes for previously unseen heroes briefly appeared on screen. Game Informer believes that three of the four were likely women, but only got a proper look at two of them.

One was a woman with short hair, who had a "fuzzy little critter with pointy ears and an equally pointy tail" at their side. She wielded a "giant four-sided weapon," which Game Informer compares to a thicker version of Yuffie's shuriken from Final Fantasy VII. The other, who appeared to be a man, "held a crooked staff, looking somewhat like a wizard, warlock, or voodoo priest."

Kaplan would not provide any further details about the heroes, and the slide was not up for very long, but it sounds like these four concepts are being worked on for eventual release. Overwatch 2 is a unique sequel in that a lot of the game's content will also appear in the first Overwatch, including all new characters and maps. The new Story Mode will be exclusive to the sequel, however.

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