ASUS ROG Winter returns to Finland

Once again, the largest LAN in Finland will host another edition of the prestigious ASUS ROG Winter tournament which will feature 32 players, $25,000 prize pool and 4000 WCS points.


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ASUS Rog are diligent, and will host yet another of their events within the span of two months in January as they return to Finland. Their most recent event which took place at NorthCon, the largest LAN in Germany, where Lee 'Jaedong' Jae Dong finally won his first championship in SC2.

With $25,000 and 4000 WCS points on the line, ASUS ROG Winter looks to become one of the events to be part of in early 2014. 24 of the 32 players in the lineup will be invited, whilst 8 players will be able to qualify through two separate qualifiers which will take place on the 29th and the 30th of December at 15:00 CET and 18:00 CET respectively.

Image Source: Asus

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