Asura's Wrath unleashes February 21

Capcom reveals release date for Xbox 360 and PS3 action game, confirms Vita version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 to follow February 22.


Capcom has to hold back its anger only a few more months. The publisher today announced that it will direct Asura's Wrath at North American retailers starting February 21, 2012, with the PlayStation Vita version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 hitting the next day.

Do not troll this man.
Do not troll this man.

Following in the over-the-top footsteps of Capcom games like Devil May Cry and God Hand, Asura's Wrath is an eccentric action game from CyberConnect2, the studio behind the .hack series. The game follows the variably armed and very angry Asura as he pursues a group of seven "Guardian Generals" who killed his wife (framing him in the process) and absconded with his daughter.

February 22 marks the wide release of the PlayStation Vita, and Capcom is supporting the launch of Sony's second handheld with a portable version of Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3. Set for release on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 Nov. 15, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 builds on the vanilla version of Marvel vs. Capcom 3 with a dozen new fighters, including comic crusaders like Ghost Rider and Dr. Strange, and Capcom icons like Phoenix Wright and Strider. The Vita version will contain the same content as its console counterparts but will also make use of the system's touch screen and networking capabilities.

For more on the two titles, check out GameSpot's previous coverage of Asura's Wrath and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3.

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lol at some of the comments below. @liam82517 I do not believe there has been any recent games released with graphics like Asuras Wrath with the exception of Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm 2. And that could possibly be because CyberConnect 2 is in use for both of these titles. Which, to say the least is a very smart move with Capcom seeing that NUNS2 looked terrific with CC2. And even if there is alot more games out there that look like this, the Japanese have a distinct blend of culture and art and when looking at this game, you can say in your mind: Anime. Thats the feel they're going for, so to say something silly because of the graphics, which look brilliant, is very childish. Be happy Capcom is making yet another decent, well crafted game. ( And yes I have played the demo. Combat was average, but the story and quick time events are what make this game special to me ) Anyway, lets not argue over this stuff fellas! Gaming is suppose to be a fun thing, not something you argue over on lol. Cheers!

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@liam82517 Nope, no insercurities. Its just that well people like you give real gamers a bad name. I doubt you were gaming since the early 80s, I think your just a little child making that up. If you were that old you would not be making such comments as, Japanese rubbish. The problem with gaming are people like Like Liam. He is an embarassment to real gamers...gamers that appreciate games for what they are not where they come from. I also pointed some games that donot meet your criteria, and your argument is the baseless its overrated. Liam I think you only been gaming since 2007 maybe at the most, not the 80s. Please go find another hobby, maybe frisby golf would be more appropriate for some one with your mentality level. By the way, next time you call some one dumb, make sure you donot make such comments as, Japanese rubbish, because all honesty...wheres the intelligence in that. Have a nice day, little child.

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@TheTrueMagusX1 Im sorry youre too dumb to understand what Im saying. But please dont push youre own insecurities on to me. Ive been playing games since the very early 80s. I know exactly what Im looking at. The same art style the japanese have been using for almost 3 decades. And yes it does range from genre to genre. And you know what else? Im not the only one that thinks so. Why do you think japanese firms like capcom are buying up western dev companies? To expand their vision and creative output. Japan is almost stuck in the mud when it comes to what it likes and doesnt like. Xbox cant get a foothold. why? Its a good console, at least on par with the ps3(fanboy crap aside). They still make cartoons with millions of school girls in those sailor like school uniforms. I find it so funny that you listed a whole bunch of games I think are hugely overrated. especially demons souls! In any case run along and go listen to your justin beiber cds and when you grow up to have your own taste and not just what all the "cool kids" like, then we can talk.

Avatar image for TheTrueMagusX1

@liam82517 Do you know what your talking about? I think Not. Let us simply put that most games no matter genre or style, are original. Military FPS are not by means, and saying Japanese style games your talking about a whole broad range of games. Everything from fighthing games to JRPGs, to action games are singled out, and yea. Hmmm, played Bayonetta? Valkyria Chronicles? Vanquish? Demon Souls? Dark Souls? Oh no you have not, because those games actually use modern day mechanics in them. Do you know game mechanics or Structure? I think not....your puting everything in a broad spectrum. The simple truth is that everyone knows you lack gaming knowledge, and you donot know what your talking about. Its evident...please do some research and than come back and talk.

Avatar image for liam82517

@TheTrueMagusX1 So because they had a big hand in starting the industry that means I should just keep buying the same style games year after year with no new innovation? I think not. Japanese style games are worse than FPS games when it comes to originallity and relying on many years old style and gameplay.

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give me gameplay or give me death

Avatar image for Kilikan5670


Avatar image for blade2980


Avatar image for howie1926

Still not sure about this game...have not seen enough

Avatar image for Enexs

asura's in the next marvel vs capcom

Avatar image for Black_Adder_

Asura's wrath seems interesting, mostly because of the rage in there. As I'm always angry this seems to be my kind of game. I don't expect good graphics or anything else except interesting story and RAGE that NEVER DIES.

Avatar image for Lamesy

I can't get excited for a 2 minute trailer with 10 seconds of gameplay. Context is nice and all, but I'm hoping for more footage of the stuff we'd actively be doing.

Avatar image for wenisman

I wonder if this game will make it down to Australia? But it would also be great to see more of this game and the gameplay, it seems there are just fragments spread around and its hard to get a real feel for the game at the moment. Although it certainly looks like it has alot of promise and with a little polish it could be a fantastic game.

Avatar image for BFKZ

i hope they fixed the graphical glitches that we saw in the gameplay trailers.

Avatar image for kornetic

Can't wait to bring the wrath upon the Gods

Avatar image for thetruth7

Finally! Can't wait...great trailer :P

Avatar image for armedvigilante

Wtf at the part with the guy squeshing him with his finger....

Avatar image for lindallison

Looks trippy. Hope its not just window dressing.

Avatar image for franzito

Capcom is trying to get its grip...

Avatar image for Gravelord_Nito

ok...did anyone else think that whole 'technology' bit is kind of out of place?

Avatar image for kazumashadow

I'm pretty excited about this, reminds me of God of War, you know, semi god, expelled, absurdly angry. Anyway i'm missing a good game like GoW or DMC

Avatar image for Ni6htSorrow

Nice, hopefully Asura's Wrath is good.

Avatar image for xophaser

this does look over the top

Avatar image for TheTrueMagusX1

@liam82517 Funny, the truth is you would not be even be here in this hobby if it was not for the so called "japanese" rubbish. Gamers like you, make the rest of us look bad.

Avatar image for liam82517

more of the same japanese rubbish.

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Avatar image for EPaul

Sweet! but it comes a day before PSV release date

Avatar image for megakick


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Avatar image for risako9

Japanese God of War !!!! YEAH!!!!!

Avatar image for Kazekage20

This game looks amazing. It looks like a better choice than the stupid remake of DMC. What they were thinking when they thought it would be a good idea to redesign DMC.

Avatar image for newhighscore

been following this game for a while now. glad to see it finally got a release date. looking forward to over the top and creative moments

Avatar image for RPG_Fan_I_Am

I hope I'm wrong, but this game just makes me worry it will end up being one of those games where by the middle-end you just become way too powerful and end up with virtually no challenge to it. I can't see capcom doing this with its exp from making DMC games challenging the whole way trough, but it still worries me cause this game looks amazing and I deff think I'll be buying it.

Avatar image for Nuggetol

@Hollowninja As I am also a PC gamer I also kinda feel left out of this but to be honest it's not like this sort of game genre is meant for PC anyway so even though i'm disspointed I don't feel angry at them for doing that.

Avatar image for why9090909090

This game looks pretty good. Asura is definitely angry that's for sure, i can't wait to see how it plays out!

Avatar image for hyper_trunkx

love these kinda games..i hope its good..

Avatar image for shaks101

Cool, will get this game during Easter holidays though, but early release is always nice.

Avatar image for Promised_Trini

Nice I really like the look of this game.I hope the story is good also.

Avatar image for wexorian

well this will be better choice seems than DMC Emo Remake :D

Avatar image for chazy035

This game should also come for the Wii U and 3DS............................................................................................ XD!!!

Avatar image for cayne_phoenix

Trailer looks absolutely INSANE!!

Avatar image for TheRedDash

Awesome can't wait!!

Avatar image for HollowNinja

So where's the PC version? Capcom has made lots of strides towards treating its PC fanbase better, I don't want to see them turn around now.

Avatar image for zpluffy

You know what i really wanna play, (), it got 8.5 in gamespot

Avatar image for DIDDLIN

if i was Asura i would punch the bosses toe and then run away screaming while the boss is wondering where the mosquitoes at

Avatar image for genopreetyboyo

Asuras would be an great addition and some of the villins could be potential for the next MvC4 if there would ever be one... We need power stone characters,'and some god hand... I bet it would be very popular, make it happen capcom!!

Avatar image for Majkic666

just wait until i unleash my wrath! if this is not as good as it seems

Avatar image for Twiztid-Maddox

This looks like Capcom's best game for the future, yet I feel like it's just another game filling up the awesome barn in February... What a short month, yet all the biggest games come out that month... (The Darkness II, Twisted Metal, Kingdoms of Amalur and Syndicate)

Avatar image for AxMxH

Rofl Go Go Go , they are fighting and roaring like Dragon Ball

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