AstroPop now on 360 Live Arcade

PopCap adds to library of downloadable games with space puzzler, now available for $10 worth of Marketplace Points.



Another game has been installed in the Xbox Live Arcade, as Xbox 360 owners can now download a demo or full version of PopCap Games' block-busting puzzle game AstroPop from the system's Marketplace.

Previously released on the PC and mobile phones, AstroPop requires players to fend off a rapidly descending wall of colored blocks. Players move a ship along the bottom of the screen, pulling blocks off the wall and putting them back up to match four or more of the same color, which destroys the cluster.

The Xbox 360 version of the game lets players unlock different characters and new weapons to help destroy the bricks. There's even a sci-fi storyline to accompany the action.

AstroPop is rated E for Everyone and sells for 800 Marketplace points, or $10.

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