Astro Boy games blast off

Sega releases separate PlayStation 2 and Game Boy Advance games featuring the unmistakable superhero robot in North America.


Sega has shipped both Astro Boy for the PlayStation 2 and Astro Boy: Omega Factor for the Game Boy Advance to stores. The PS2 game will retail for $39.99, and the GBA game will be available for $29.99. Both are rated "E" for Everyone.

Known as Tetsum Atom in Japan, Astro Boy is the most famous character from Osamu Tezuka, who wrote and illustrated Japanese manga films and TV series in the 1960s. Both games follow the robotic superhero as he fights various bad guys around Metro City. The abilities to fly with Astro Boy's jet-powered feet and to shoot lasers out of his fingers play prominent parts in the games' battles.

The action adventure PS2 and side-scrolling GBA games were developed by Sonic Team and Hitmaker in conjunction with Treasure, respectively. A full review of Astro Boy: Omega Factor is now available, and further information on the PS2's Astro Boy can be found in GameSpot's hands-on preview.

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