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Astro Bot Preorders Are Live - The PS5 Exclusive Comes With An Adorable Bonus

Astro Bot launches September 6 exclusively on PS5.


One of the biggest announcements during last week's PlayStation State of Play livestream was Astro Bot, the full-fledged sequel to the excellent Astro's Playroom that comes preinstalled on PS5. Just like Astro's Playroom, Astro Bot is a 3D puzzle-platformer that pays homage to PlayStation history and makes heavy use of the PS5 DualSense controller's many unique features like haptic feedback and dynamic triggers. However, this time, we're getting a full-length game (with no microtransactions) that's much bigger than Astro's previous adventures.

Astro Bot is set to launch on September 6 and will be available in standard, digital, and deluxe versions. Preorders for Astro Bot's physical standard edition are live now, and digital preorders will be available on June 7. The physical edition comes with a cool poster, and all editions include early unlocks for in-game content.

Astro Bot Preorder Bonuses

Astro Bot Preorder Bonuses
Astro Bot Preorder Bonuses

If you preorder the physical edition of Astro Bot ahead of its September 6 release date, you'll get an exclusive double-sided poster. You can see a preview of the very cute poster below.

Preorders also let you immediately unlock the Lovestruck Lyricist in-game outfit for Astro, which is based on Parappa The Rapper, immediately at launch. You'll receive two PSN avatars--one of Astro in his normal outfit and another of him wearing the Parappa getup--and the Glorious Graffiti skin for Astro's Dual Speeder vehicle. These items can be unlocked in the game without preordering, but buying one of the physical or digital editions early lets you access the outfits and avatars from the jump.

If you go the digital download route, you can grab the game in a digital standard or digital deluxe version. You'll miss out on the double-sided poster, but still get all the preorder bonuses listed above.

Preview of Astro Bot double-sided poster
Preview of Astro Bot double-sided poster

Astro Bot's Digital Deluxe edition also has several exclusive items, including 10 more PSN avatars, a digital art gallery, and a digital soundtrack. It also lets you unlock Astro's Yharnam Tourist outfit, Golden outfit, and two more Dual Speeder paint colors early (all the outfits and paint colors are available in the base game, too).

According to the game's reveal trailer and details shared on the official PlayStation Blog, Astro Bot will feature over 80 levels spread across six galaxies players will explore. Each planet has its own biome--such as volcanoes, forests, and beaches--and will feature a variety of puzzles, platforming challenges, and enemies that players will overcome using the 15 new special items and abilities Astro unlocks throughout the game. That makes Astro Bot a significantly bigger adventure than Astro's Playroom and PSVR's Astro Bot Rescue Mission. We're eager to see how Team Asobi expands the gameplay this time around.

Astro Bot launches for PS5 on September 6.

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