Assassin's Creed, Rayman Origins lead Ubisoft's PS Vita slate

Publisher confirms six games in development for Sony's next portable PlayStation product; Lumines, Michael Jackson, Asphalt, and Dungeon Hunter Alliance also headed to new handheld.


Third-party software support will be vital to the PlayStation Vita, and Ubisoft is clearly on board with Sony's upcoming handheld. The publisher today announced that it has six games in development for the handheld, including new installments of some of its highest-profile properties.

Ubisoft's Asphalt is speeding to the PS Vita.
Ubisoft's Asphalt is speeding to the PS Vita.

Leading the way are a pair of iconic Ubisoft franchises in Assassin's Creed and Rayman. While the publisher did not detail the PS Vita debut of the free-running stealth action game, it did say that the phantom-limbed mascot Rayman would be making his way to the handheld in a port of this year's 2D platformer Rayman Origins.

The remaining games might also be familiar to Ubisoft fans, as all have appeared previously on other platforms. That quartet is composed of Ubisoft's racing game Asphalt, the action role-playing game Dungeon Hunters Alliance, Lumines, and Michael Jackson The Experience. Asphalt has been a staple of driving games on mobile platforms for years, while Dungeon Hunter Alliance previously appeared as a downloadable title for the PlayStation 3.

Originally created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez, Child of Eden), Lumines was a critically acclaimed PSP launch title in 2005, spawning offshoots for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and other platforms in the years that followed. Finally, Michael Jackson The Experience will follow up on last year's PSP edition of the dance rhythm game starring the late King of Pop.

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idc anymore, no release date= gtfo i already have the games i want, more games=no care

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Sure Ubisoft will cancel their 3DS version of Assassin's Creed, but they're still making one for the PS Vita...

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Rayman Origins on Vita? This thing is becoming all the more tempting :D

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What the hell?!?! It says gamescom "2010" this was last years site.

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Can't wait....

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This is going to be interesting :)....this and the 3ds, CANT WAIT!

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Assassin's Creed on a handheld that rivals the PS3? Going to be sweet.

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Srry made a typo, I meant to say gamers.

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They cancelled Lost Legacy for the 3DS and those games deserve something, I mean some of them even bought it just to buy lost legacy (I bought mine for 3D 0.0) Either way, can't wait for the vita!

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yes way

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no way

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