Assassin's Creed, Rayman Origins lead Ubisoft's PS Vita slate

Publisher confirms six games in development for Sony's next portable PlayStation product; Lumines, Michael Jackson, Asphalt, and Dungeon Hunter Alliance also headed to new handheld.


Third-party software support will be vital to the PlayStation Vita, and Ubisoft is clearly on board with Sony's upcoming handheld. The publisher today announced that it has six games in development for the handheld, including new installments of some of its highest-profile properties.

Ubisoft's Asphalt is speeding to the PS Vita.
Ubisoft's Asphalt is speeding to the PS Vita.

Leading the way are a pair of iconic Ubisoft franchises in Assassin's Creed and Rayman. While the publisher did not detail the PS Vita debut of the free-running stealth action game, it did say that the phantom-limbed mascot Rayman would be making his way to the handheld in a port of this year's 2D platformer Rayman Origins.

The remaining games might also be familiar to Ubisoft fans, as all have appeared previously on other platforms. That quartet is composed of Ubisoft's racing game Asphalt, the action role-playing game Dungeon Hunters Alliance, Lumines, and Michael Jackson The Experience. Asphalt has been a staple of driving games on mobile platforms for years, while Dungeon Hunter Alliance previously appeared as a downloadable title for the PlayStation 3.

Originally created by Tetsuya Mizuguchi (Rez, Child of Eden), Lumines was a critically acclaimed PSP launch title in 2005, spawning offshoots for Xbox Live Arcade, PlayStation Network, and other platforms in the years that followed. Finally, Michael Jackson The Experience will follow up on last year's PSP edition of the dance rhythm game starring the late King of Pop.

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ASSASSINS CREED !!!!!!!! YEAH!!!.....................................................................................................................................................waiting 4 the vita

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looking good vita, keep it up

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my money is waiting...

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I'm Really excited for Rayman Origins and Assassin's Creed. I just hope AC has an all new time period/setting and a new main character as well. A lot of spin offs that are too closely related to the original story just don't feel all that important to me.

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Assasin's creed for the vita. Sounds pretty good.

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3DS is gonna kill it

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and I can't believe people thought that the spec cut rumor was true with games like this << LINK REMOVED >>

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I would like to say don't judge the console via the initial game lineup since there is always a chance that they won't keep it up. The Wii had great 3rd party support to start with but in the end it fell flat on it's face. The same happened with the PSP (no fanboy can argue that it's alive and kicking at the moment). So, anyway, the point I am trying to get across here is: always assume the worst. If you have high expectations of something the likelyhood of it meeting or exceeding them is very small and the likelyhood of you getting your little heart broken is much higher. If you lower your expectations then not only will you love the product more when you experience it, but you will also have become cleverer than fanboys, who think that every product from their favoured company is something that came out of the a**hole of Jesus Christ himself.

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@icekids and that proofs that I was right that the rumors of them cutting the specs was false I got into a arument about it and they guy was posting a link that even said rumor in the link and he also said he had more websites that said the same thing and like I told him rumors are not facts and doesn't matter on how many websites it is on

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hope this AC title will be better than Bloodlines...

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Ubisoft apparently enjoys making games. They are always quick for new systems. Hopefully the Assassin's Creed would be fun for PSVita.

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PSVita confirmation that the system has 512MB of RAM and 128MB of dedicated VRAM. << LINK REMOVED >>

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I can't help but feel that the Vita is nothing more than a repeat of Sony's strategy with the PSP. I've always felt dissapointed and ripped off with my PSP, so the Vita is gonna have to come down a good amount for me to invest the money to own one. I'll stick with my DS and 3DS for my dedicated gaming on the go, and my HTC Trophy for my casual gaming on the go.

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hm hate to got to admit, that car's graphics looks damn good!

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@shadowhunter0, yeah but Resident evil got cancelled on Psp for 3DS

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graphics look amazing.

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I'll remain sceptical about Ubisoft's line-up, simply because the company has churned out nothing but crap over the past three years (with the exception of RUSE) and because Asphalt 2, King Kong and AC: Bloodlines on the PSP were appallingly bad games. This line-up as it stands looks similar to the company's PSP line up back in the day, which is to say, cheap knock-off spin-offs by far inferior to their PS2 and PS3 counterparts. And as far as Lumines is concerned - I love Lumines, but let's wait until the game proves to be sufficiently different from the PSP version and not just some superficial graphical makeover.

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Looking by the picture of that Asphalt, wow the graphic is amazing! Hope more developers will join Vita in strengthening its games lineup.

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Is it me or does the lineup for the Vita keep gettting better and better? Cant wait for this beast to be released. ^____^

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Really happy for Assassin's Creed, and Asphalt. I hope there's also Splinter Cell and Ghost Recon in developpement for the Vita.

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Great! Brand new titles at launch! Much better than re-releasing old and tired 'fan favourite' games with a slight update in graphics and nothing else changed eh? Hahaha what idiot of a company would do that amirite? Hahaha...ha...ha?

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oo didnt expect a lumines game :D vitas gonna be beast

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Another Lumines game. Ok now I am even more happy If Uibsoft can have Lumines 3 ready for PSvita at launch I will buy that. Along with the PSvita Resistance game and Uncharted Golden Aybiss. Those would be my 3 PSvita launch games.

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this reminds me of all those promises of support for the psp back when it launched. i don't really think this is a sign that vita is getting "all the great games" either because a lot of the third party games like the assassin's creed game for the psp really sucked as do most console to handheld ports. so maybe calling these games hits before the system that's supposed to support them is released is a little premature especially since rayman and splinter cell 3ds were so bad. i also don't think you can stick a fork in the 3ds before it's even seen it's first holiday. nintendo has proven before with the wii that they don't need third party support to move units the second a pokemon game comes out for it, that thing will fly off shelves. i'll wait and see before i declare one or the other an outright failure or success.

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@AvatarMan96 I actually like ac bloodlines it wasn't has good has the console version but I still had fun playing it

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@moviequest14 actually assassin creed for the 3ds was canceled couple of months ago

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this gotta suck for 3ds fans ac gets canceled on the 3ds and now we find out that they are making an assassin creed game for the vita the vita is getting all the great games which is awesome

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I just want a release date already

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interesting... Vita is looking better and better. ^_^

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Looks like the 3DS suffers another setback... the Vita.

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Planned on getting Rayman Origins on one of the consoles, but I'll get it on the Vita instead. Can't wait! All we need now is a good Metal Gear Solid, Castlevania, and a Resident Evil game.

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All I have to say about Assassin's Creed PSV - 2 Analog Sticks!!!!!!!!!

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@ deder66 : Might I point out before you get your smug Sony confidence that out of the 3 featured ubisoft tiles (Assassin's Creed,Rayman Origings and Asphault) 1 of which is already on 3ds and the other was announced for 3ds before I guess vita is the one getting the port hmm?

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Having more games is good, but simple ports probably won't be enough to sustain the Vita. Let's have more games that take full advantage of the Vita's functionality, like Resistance: Burning Skies.

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I guess Ubi wanted to focus on AC for VITA more than the 3DS.

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Maybe they'll get ported to 3DS? Rayman Origins is.

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awesome looking forward to an awesome game

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ouch. assassin's creed for vita, kicking nintendo while they are down...

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Wow... all of a sudden the Vita is looking more compelling. If these are launch titles, then I'm sold.

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Nice. I'll definitely get Rayman: Origins for the Vita!

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Assassins Creed for VITA Kick in the BALLS for Nintendo

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Here comes Ubisoft to save the day! :D

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micheal jackson the experience? how will that work without the wiimote ot playstation move?

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Dungeon Hunters and Asphalt are terrible. Lumines is nice, but not a big deal. The hand-held Assassin's Creed games haven't been anything to write home about, and it's not like this one is suddenly going to provide vital plot points or anything. And while I'm looking forward to Rayman Origins, I'll be playing it on my 42" HD TV to fully appreciate the visuals, not a small hand-held screen (same reason I have the new Vanillaware game preordered for the PS3, not the Vita). So .. pretty typical Ubisoft: lots of titles, not much to care about.

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Interesting for Assassin's Creed fans...again assuming they don't pull it out at launch as they did with 3ds....well one thing you can say for capcom (cancellation of Megaman Legends 3 and no-save-over on Mercenaries 3d) and ubisoft is that they know how to p|ss 3ds owners off! :P (Still doesn't make sense to me that Ubisoft thought it would be better to grace the ds with a lower-quality title when they could've had a best-seller quality title on 3ds).

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@Taix34 It could be better than Revelations and I'll still hate Ubisoft

Avatar image for Taix34

@AvatarMan96 We Dont Know that for Sure,We"ll Have to wait and see AND Hope its Nothing like Bloodlines!

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I hope the Lumines on Vita will be more than just a port of the 1st one on PSP, or I simply won't buy it. I'm hoping for all skins from Lumines 1, Supernova and the holiday pack, plus online play, new puzzles and extra goodies.

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I officially hate Ubisoft, they cancel Lost Legacy on 3DS, yet they'll produce something along the lines of that piece of garbage AC: Bloodlines for Vita :evil:

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