Assassin's Creed PC Patch Notes Include Bug Fixes, UI Improvements

Patch 1.21 is coming soon.


A new patch for the PC version of Assassin's Creed Syndicate will arrive tomorrow, December 1, Ubisoft has announced. Patch 1.21 includes the fixes from last week's Xbox One and PlayStation 4 update, as well as a handful of PC-specific tweaks like fixes for various issues and improvements to the UI.

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Take a look at the complete Syndicate 1.21 patch notes below. The update on PC is between 440-510 MB.

The PC version of Syndicate launched on November 19, about a month after the console editions arrived at the end of October. First-week sales were down in part because of Assassin's Creed Unity's bugs. Just last week, GameStop reported that Syndicate underperformed.

Syndicate December 1 Patch Notes:


  • Fixed infinite loading screen in Sequence 7
  • Fixed several geometry explosion and missing geometry issues
  • Fixed various render issues
  • Fixed several online issues
  • Minor UI improvements


  • Fixed an issue where there was no rating for the final mission


  • Fixed an issue where the lip-sync was not synchronized with the cinematics
  • Fixed an issue where the subtitles weren't exactly matching the audio
  • Fixed some issues with some audio missing or being played incorrectly


  • Fixed some collisions issues for carriages and trains
  • Fixed some spawning issues with the vehicles


  • Fixed some popping issues
  • Improved reactions for the allies
  • Improved reactions for NPC on the ground
  • Improved reactions for NPC on carts and trains
  • Improved navigation for NPC

Game System

  • Fixed some issues with the replay system
  • Fixed some balancing issues
  • Fixed an issue where the gun might be missing in the inventory after acquiring it in the "Whitechapel Conquest" mission
  • Fixed an unlocking issue with the Train Raids
  • Fixed an issue with the "Artisan" Trophy/Achievement


  • The Time Anomaly icon was increased to have a better visibility on the map
  • Fixed some issues with the messages for the mission in the HUD
  • Fixed some icon issues
  • Fixed some lighting issues
  • Fixed some low resolution and corrupted texture issues
  • Fixed some level of detail issues
  • Fixed issues with props in the world


  • Fixed some issues during fights with NPCs
  • Fixed issues with counter attacks
  • Fixed some camera issues


  • Fixed an issue in the Fight Club
  • Fixed an issue where the player could not enter the Time Anomaly mission
  • Fixed some issues with the mission objectives and secondary constraints not updating properly
  • Fixed issues with the fast travel
  • Fixed some issues where the missions could be blocked after some cinematics
  • Fixed some issues with Crawford Starrick in the last mission, "A Night To Remember"


  • Fixed some issues with the coerce system
  • Fixed some issues with the cover system
  • Fixed some issues with the parkour and navigation
  • Fixed some animation issues
  • Fixed some camera issues
  • Fixed some issues with the rope launcher
  • Fixed an issue where the player could sometimes fall under the map


  • Improved performance and stability

What do you make of these changes? Let us know in the comments below.

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Lol bugs bugs bugs never escaping them only destroying the experience

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Talk about a huge improvement since unity but what do expect when a game revolves such a shitty country like france lol. Glad to see these devs unlike Montreal actually care about improving their game after its release. Honestly haven't been blown away by AC since 2, especially with how disappointed I was with revelations, 3, and 4. Rogue was ok for what it was though. But god unity was just a mistake. Felt bad for people who actually bought it brand new.

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This was a pretty considerable upgrade to Unity and I commend Ubisoft for that. But I still think that the AC games, though they have come far, still try to do a lot (in a dev span of 1 yr) and fail terribly at everything.

I'd say that since Black Flag, this is the next "mediocre" AC game that I'm enjoying, mostly due to the twin assassins. The rest were just run of the mill titles.

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The game definitely runs way better than Unity at launch, but it is very clear why. The lighting engine took a massive downgrade, along with textures, polygons and other details in general. I was hoping they stuck to it as Unity plays a lot better now with the most recent update on PC, a constant 60fps experience on ultra with a gtx 970.

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@Gamer_4_Fun: I think the game still looks amazing,I just hope it has a co-op mode like Unity

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@Gamer_4_Fun: Same here. Maxing out, 1080p 60fps. Connected dualshock 4 with GTX 970 = Glorious

Avatar image for asmoddeuss

@aiden_kasel: Why the lie? or sarcastic?

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@aiden_kasel: With gameworks on? If not, it's not Ultra all the way. You can't get a 60 fps stable with gtx 970 with EVERYTHING maxed out, I am running on the same card.

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@iamalbaniian: Yea I got like 20fps with it actually MAXED (also with a 970).... ran like shit even though plenty of games look and run much better. I never bothered tweaking the settings to see if it was one setting in particular though since I can't really get into the AC games... just figured I'd try it out, and naturally it ran terribly like most Ubisoft games do for no good reason.

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@nl_skipper:With EVERYTHING maxed on, my game runs at 30 fps. I've locked it and it never dipps 1 frame, and I love it that way. Looks beautiful, runs well. I enjoy playing it that way, I don't mind a stable 30 fps as long as it looks gorgeous, and it does :P But saying that this game runs at ULTRA 60 fps with an 970 is a lie.

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No fix for 30fps cloth rendering then I take it.