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Assassin's Creed not PS3 exclusive

Ubisoft's medieval stealth game will not be limited to Sony's upcoming system; will eventually reach PC, says publisher.


"What is the meaning of life?" "How does Dick Clark stay looking so young?" "Is Assassin's Creed a PlayStation 3 exclusive?" One of these lingering questions has finally been answered today, and unfortunately for the philosophers and elderly out there, it's the latter.

Reports on the Internet have been nothing less than rampant on the state of Ubisoft's Assassin's Creed. Initially mentioned for the Xbox 360 as Project Assassin and then mentioned only for the PlayStation 3 (without the word "exclusive") at E3 2006, the answer of the game's ultimate platform destinations have been as stealthy as its sneaky protagonist.

The latest info comes from sites pointing toward magazine PC Gamer UK, which recently said that a PC version was in the works. No mention was made of the rumored Xbox 360 version.

At last, Ubisoft has shed some light on the subject, but still stays mum on the game headed to Microsoft's console.

A rep from the publisher told GameSpot, "Assassin's Creed PC will indeed see the light some day. Details will be provided at a later date."

Assassin's Creed is due in 2007 for the PS3; no date was given for the PC version. For more on the game, read GameSpot's previous coverage.

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