Assassin's Creed Movie "Took Itself Too Seriously," Star Michael Fassbender Says

"I would make it more entertaining."


While movie adaptations of video games don't exactly have a great track record, hopes were high for last year's Assassin's Creed. The movie had a high-profile cast, acclaimed director, and big budget, as well as a big following for Ubisoft's games series.

Unfortunately, the film was met with poor reviews and a disappointing box office take, putting hopes of a sequel into doubt. Now, star Michael Fassbender has spoken about what he thinks went wrong with the movie, and what the chances of a follow-up are.

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Speaking to Movienco, Fassbender said that he didn't think that the film was "entertaining" enough. "For sure, it wasn't ideal," he said. "I think we missed an opportunity there a little bit. So we'll wait and see what Ubisoft are coming up with. But right now I don't know.

"I would make it more entertaining, that's really the main note. The feeling of the film, I think it took itself too seriously and I would get to the action a lot quicker. I think there's three beginnings of the film, which is a mistake."

Before Assassin's Creed was released last December, there was talk of potentially two more movies, with Fassbender onboard to produce and star. However, the film only made $54 million in the US, with a worldwide total of $240.6 million from a production budget of $125 million.

The latest game in the series, Assassins Creed Origins, comes out on PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 on October 27. In addition, the next big-screen games adaptation, Tomb Raider, arrives in March next year. The movie stars Alicia Vikander as Lara Croft, and the first trailer was released last month.

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so it made enough to cover the budget? how is that a commercial failure?

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The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results, for the last 30 years or so hollywood have being trying to make video games movies and they keep flopping and they insist on doing it again and again.

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When you make a movie on a game remember these steps.

1. Make sure no one on your team likes games.

2. Make sure no one actually has played the game in question.

3. Any lore or canon... drop it like its filled with ebola.

4. Make sure the actors only get the script 30 min. Before filming..

5. Make sure the director has no respect or love for the game.

6. Show marketing the money.

All the lore in the franchise and this is what you offer me... take number 2 and F*ck of.

You could have copy pasted the first game to a movie and it would be a homerun...

How.... how the f*ck do you scumbags sleep at night?

you move from one f*ck up to the next.

But the true crime here is the directors..

They get an ip in there hands, and the itch to put a personal spin on it almost kills them.

Look at Ghost in the shell..

How awesome would that movie had been if they had kept true to the manga storyline.

Or am i wrong?

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Flop - sales worldwide nearly double the production budget ! Interesting take on a flop ! .. Ok the movie didn't do as well as expected but thats all - agree that it took itself to seriously .. and was too slow pace wise - but they can learn from that !

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How did the movie flop with those numbers? Jesus. I enjoyed the movie myself but it definitely could have been better. A lot better.

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Too much focus on the future when the movie should of focused on the past events in the animus.

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@gamingdevil800: I'd blame the studio execs for this but the game devs are just as guilty of this. No matter how many entries in the series get slammed in reviews for how shit the present day stuff is, they keep trying to force it. It's like they purposely ignored what people enjoy about the games with the movie.

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It was DULL AF, If I wanted to spend 18 dollars for a nap I'd buy hookers & weed.

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@vamroc: wow, that is scarily cheap. I would be careful about that low cost.

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Movie was a mess, director should go back to cleaning job at some film making studio. BUT! Movie made $240 million with budget of $125million??? And fat morons calling it ... a fail? LOL Our society is so twisted.

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@g4m1ngon: Fat Morons are twisted !

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it took itself too seriously?? naww man it's simply the wrong thing at the wrong time.....

want a movie about an expert archer?? watch Robin Hood Prince Of Thieves which is a wonderful film......

want a movie about assassins?? Silent Trigger is good, The Assassins is good, Apocalypse Now is good [Willard's mission was to kill Kurtz]

want just a mideval movie?? Excalibur is excellent and the Conan movies are pretty good and....ooh Cavemen was hilarious, granted it was stone age but it was a damn good comedy Attuk Allunda Lana.....ATTUK!!! Tonda!! MACHA, AAAIEEEE!!!!!! Arocka, caka, sh**t <if you've seen the movie you know exactly what I'm getting at kudos to you for enriching your soul...

if you want some weird modern day or futuristic kind of thing.....experiments, prison or whatever see Fortress, No Escape and/or Face Off....."I want his"

and if you just want something where the bad guy is the hero than look no further than Young Guns.....<Billy the Kid and his gang did kill a lot of people IRL but who knows why?? government BS I say....those movies might not have been that far off the mark I say....and the second one has a really rockin score and was the source of one of Bon Jovi's best hits...

my point here is there's tons of older movies that fit what you might be looking for a lot better.....

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@MJ12-Conspiracy: That doesnt mean they couldn't of got ASS Creed right or Res Evil or Doom. They just choose not to, I think and try to honour the movie goers and game players, when they shouldn't honor either and just write a decent fckin movie using the game universes as the premise.. The story and ass creed universe is pretty good and they could of made a good movie out of it. Same with Hitman. You have a pretty great premise there, they should just focus on writing a decent movie, using the universe.