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Assassin's Creed Movie Box Office Report [Updating]

$22.5 million in six days is well below the $35 million figure some believed it could hit.


[UPDATE] According to Variety, Assassin's Creed made $22.5 million at the US box office over its first six days. The movie had a reported production budget of $125 million, so it'll likely need a strong international showing to make a profit. Multiple sequels are reportedly planned.

Fox distribution chief Chris Aronson said Assassin's Creed is expected to perform well overseas, just as the game series does. "This start exceeded our modeling," he said. "We'll be the beneficiaries of a strong holiday play period."

[UPDATE 3] Deadline has the full weekend numbers. The site reports that Assassin's Creed made around $10.6 million in the Friday-Sunday period. The film opened on Wednesday, December 21, and so far in the US, it's made around $23 million.

Go to Deadline to see a full recap and analysis of this weekend's box office figures.

[UPDATE 2] More figures have come in. According to Deadline, Assassin's Creed may come in at the low end of estimates. The site reports that it might make as much as $13.8 million for its first three days (Wednesday-Friday) and up to $20.7 million for its first four days. Over six days, it could bring in around $28.2 million, which is below the previously discussed $35 million figure.

[UPDATE] New box office estimates for Assassin's Creed's Wednesday premiere have come in. Deadline reports that the movie is expected to top another December 21 release, the Chris Pratt/Jennifer Lawrence film Passengers, making around $4.5 million for its first day.

"Essentially, the core female audience that would go watch Passengers doesn't come out until Christmas Day and beyond," the site said.

It added that Assassin's Creed is expected to be heavily frontloaded due to the "fanboy quotient," a reference to video game fans, no doubt. As announced previously, Assassin's Creed is projected to make as much as $35 million over its first six days, below what Passengers is pegged to bring in.

We will continue to update this story as more box office figures for Assassin's Creed come in.

The original story is below.

The newest video game movie, Assassin's Creed, opened on Tuesday night with previews that started at theaters across the US at 7 PM. Deadline reports that the film pulled in $1.35 million from 2,470 theaters from those early showings.

Assassin's Creed officially debuts today, December 21. We'll report back with day-one box office figures for the film as they become available, while you can keep checking back with GameSpot to find out how the film fares at the box office through the week and into the weekend.

The $1.35 million that Assassin's Creed made for its Tuesday preview was slightly ahead of Sony's Christ Pratt/Jennifer Lawrence space-travel movie, Passengers, which made $1.2 million at 2,400 locations. Previews for Passengers also started at 7 PM on Tuesday, with the wide release slate for today.

According to Deadline, Assassin's Creed is expected to make between $30 million and $35 million over its first six days. Again, all of these numbers are for the US box office only.

This story has been updated and corrected.

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