Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag PC out November 19



The PC version of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will launch on November 19, just under a month after the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and Wii U versions ship on October 29, Ubisoft announced today.

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Game director Ashraf Ismail revealed that the PC version of the game would not be available alongside Xbox 360, PS3, and Wii U iterations in June.

"We're working hard on the PC version," Ismail said at the time. "It's one of the main platforms we work on in the office. For our PC fans, don't worry. The game on PC looks phenomenal."

Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag will be available as day-one launch titles for the PlayStation 4 (November 15) and Xbox One (November 22).

The free-roaming action game set during the Golden Age of Pirates stars a young captain Edward Kenway, the grandfather of Assassin's Creed III's Connor and descendant of Desmond Miles. Players will meet up with legendary pirates including Blackbeard and Charles Vane as they journey through the West indies.

For more on Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag, check out GameSpot's just-published hands-on preview of the game.

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"The free-roaming action game set during the Golden Age of Pirates stars a young captain Edward Kenway, the grandfather of Assassin's Creed III's Connor and descendant of Desmond Miles."

Hmmm.... A mystery message known as typographical error... How fascinating, mate!

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This is crazy. Bestbuy keeps sending me emails about different Next Gen releases. The latest says Black Flag release date is

Pre-order release date is October 29.

I thought it was stupid to release it before the console

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Rock, paper, shotgun made some brilliant remarks about the nonsense of delaying the PC version and delaying the european version. I agree that these delays don't make much sense, but I don't expect everything to make sense, especially when money is involved. Anyway, I never buy a game at release, not even in the days of the pre-backlog era. It's much better to wait a bit to see reviews, get patches. Or wait a long time, for price cuts and sales.

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wow such a long time to wait.thats the price pc gamers must pay.we always have to endure this.

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So is the PC version on par with current gen (PS3) or next gen (PS4)? I ask because some developers release current gen games on PC that should have been next gen (Fifa 14).

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@Sanligo That worries me too. It would suck if the PC got the short (i.e. current-gen) end of the stick, even with next-gen approaching. It's not like they'll alienate a large amount of their potential customers if they port the next-gen version to PC.

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The performance of AC 3 on PC was so devoid of optimization and customization it was embarrassing. I'm sorry to say it alone was responsible for my loss of faith in the series, after playing about 40 hours each of AC2 and Brotherhood in silky smooth 60 fps. Let's hope Black Flag lives up to the legacy of the Italian AssCreeds, in quality and performance.

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@kalipekona @Halloll 3 is unberable bad. Dumbed down and unbearable boring. THe first one i quit. Impossible to play how boring it is

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Why People complain about AC3? it doesn't run @60fps on high-end rigs.But on my Core 2 Duo T8300+2GB DDR2+256mb 8700m GT SLI, it worked fine with normal@1920x1200 can you believe ? it ran with 15-25fps its pretty much playable.

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what about the system requirement?

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AC one and two where great after that they were all the same, I enjoyed 3 a little but not much, and the online too complicated and bit hard to remember if you play more than one online game at a time.

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I just want the performance to be good.

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@kalipekona @Halloll AC is both boring and great ! Sounds kinda weird, but it's true....

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Alongside looking phenomenal, make it WORK phenomenal ! (pointing at technical issues of AC3 on PC)

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BTW, since I'm here....... PC MASTER RACE! XD

Had to say it. ;p

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@kalipekona @lieuwa Nope, AC III was a bad port. They fixed most of the issues with patches, but initially it was very laggy and bad. And let's just say my PC handles Crysis 3 on max @ 60+ FPS...

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Like always, like always.....

Oh well, the only thing I'm interested in from Ubisoft right now is Watch Dogs.

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so it takes some time before I can pirate this pirate game.

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Gotta keep the tradition, huh ubisoft?

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I hope this game does well, so we'll get another Assassin's Creed gamenext year, based in Tudor England where James Seymour Kenway fights against the Henry Tudor at the Battle of Bosworth Field. Then in later life assists Sir Francis Drake in the battle against the Spanish Armada and then heads to the US with Sir Walter Raleigh and discovers the humble potatoe.

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@19James89 they have already said they are working on AC5..

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Going to buy this day 1 at $25(INR 1499). While my friend who plays on PS3 will buy at $60

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@cooldudemayur Me too

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Sorry Ubisoft, I've given you so many chances in recent memory, and you've failed every single time. AC3 was such a glitch filled bore I simply can't take what they promise at face value anymore.

I'll be waiting for the inevitable half priced complete edition.

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I'll be handling this the same way I've been handling previous installments - Once they're available to be picked up for around 7,50 to 10 EUR max, I'll be getting it and put it on my old, already DRM infested, second "casual nonsense" gaming PC.

I kind of stopped caring about revolting against DRM, I'll just buy those DRM infested games dirt cheap instead and put them on a "dedicated" PC, because in my opinion DRM devaluates them immensly and is an unnecessary evil anyways.

In the end I'll get my few hours of enjoyment out of it and the developer / publisher gets almost nothing for it in return, perhaps they'll learn, perhaps they won't.
Leaves me with more money to spend on DRM free games instead, which I gladly buy at full price.

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I wonder what kinda port this will be. A current gen port or a next gen port seeing as it's releasing on both.

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phenomenal same as previous instalations, PASSSS!!!

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Atleast ubisoft is releasing games on pc, unlike rockstar who didn't release red dead on pc, I don't give a shit about gta but I really wanted red dead. Well, for releasing pc versions of their games(even if the ports are just allright) I commend you ubisoft.

And companies who say pc is piracy and don't sell games are lying, pc sells equal/more/little less(depending on the game) than a single platform, as in only ps3 or x360, when arguments such as consoles sell more games are only applicable when both ps3 and x360 sales are counted together, and thats a single platform against 2 platforms. You may check the sales of EA and such on the

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@renerak Its all about profits buddy

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@Creed02 @renerak THere is double profit on PC.1 sale of a PC game= more or equal profit than 2 console copies. Believe it or not.500 000 copies sold on PC may be more profit than a million on console. You can easily do the research. There are no license fees on PC and they are really huge

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Meh not worth $60 bucks ill just wait and get it on sale for $25 like i already did with Blacklist

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the only version worth getting

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@Gamerhomer @gunzlingerbila

You're ignorant. Piracy isn't exclusive to PC gaming. I buy all of my games and I am a PC gamer.

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I remembered they told the same things last year with AC3, and it came out with a creepy port

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What? People way overexaggerate this. AC3 needed better multi-core support, but other than that it ran perfectly fine. I lowered one setting (environment detail, I think) and I get 60fps nearly all of the time on my HD 7950.

Not to mention that it has graphical features like higher resolution textures, better geometry streaming, higher resolution shadows, higher precision ambient occlusion, etc that made it look a lot better than the console versions.

Could it have been better optimzed for multi-core processors? Yes. But people make it sound like it was a horrible port and that simply isn't true.

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@kalipekona @lieuwa "I get 60fps nearly all of the time on my HD 7950".

That's overkill for a console port, of course it ran fine to you :P

Still, a lot of people with very good rigs experienced very bad performance. Why a game that can run fine on 7 year old consoles can run that bad on a modern PC is beyond me.

To me, it was an awful port, plain and simple.

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Rockstar you listening?

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@joel_wiklund Hah, they don't give a f!

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@joel_wiklund They are too busy counting the money they made on GTA5.

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@ArcherRO @joel_wiklund I would say they are busy preparing the microtransaction hell for GTA online. Enjoy

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@DahLong @GONtheSKYLORD @Master_cheat001 @leandrro

gtx 670 FTW edition amd phenom ii x6 and 6gb ddr2. The 600 series isn't high end anymore.

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@GONtheSKYLORD @Master_cheat001 @leandrro what's your pc spec to keep the fps above 40? i'm working on picking the harware for my next gaming pc

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AssCreed is boring.

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Says you. I think they are great games. I've enjoyed every one.

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Hey pal I gotta say a few things and considering i'm a old school gamer since the late 70s and own nearly all consoles that were ever made please hear me out will ya. It burns me up when companies disregard the PC out of total greed such as Rockstar that sold billions of games based of a rehashed earlier gta experiences that really glorifies the negative things. I really hate that a billion of you sheeple went out and supported that company that not only ignored our plea for red dead redemption PC but also is now playing mind tricks concerning the pc gta5 for pure greed and money meanwhile despite the sales the game is being torrented like crazy for the chipped consoles. It hurts because the pc was the grand and first home for the gta series and it also was the main popular console for vice city, San andreas and Gta4 due to the amazing mods and pc custom features.

Now here we have a host of brilliant indie devs and amazing big name companies like Ubisoft and other developers that are not only going out of their way to put their creations out to the PC platform as well as other consoles like nintendo or sony or microsoft, poratbles ect...and they wont ever see the millions that ROCKSTAR made over night and thats a damn shame pal because other companies make good games too if not better. I am so happy Ubisoft is taking a stand and releasing their masterpieces not only to PC which is great beyond belief but even formatting it to other ignored consoles like Nintendo. Ubisoft already won me over with the latest splintercell blacklist but knowing AC4, watchdogs, and the division will be on pc confirmed is what more companies should be doing. I will support the companies and devs that include PC to the release console games lineups without mystery dates and confusion of controversy. UBISOFT, CAPCOM, BETHSEDA, 2K, EA, ROCKSTEADY, BIOWARE and all the other companies that release games on more than two platforms....actually deserve the profit.

Thanks for reading pal and may God through the Lord Jesus Christ guide the world to salvation.

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@MICHAELKNIGHT2K You are right but AC3 and blacklist are anything but NOT masterpieces. IN fact AC 3 is the most boring game ever at least for the last year or 2 and blacklist exploits you the moment you start the game with trying to sell you DLC crap

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Back to the old tricks, eh, Ubisoft?

I thought you were doing doing this shit.

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@GONtheSKYLORD @leandrro there were people with i7 and gtx 680 that couldnt get 30 fps in some parts, a real piece of crap