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Assassin's Creed, Fallout, And Final Fantasy Are Coming To Magic: The Gathering

Wizards Of The Coast announced the three gaming giants--and much more--are coming to the TCG at Gen Con 2023.


With half of 2023 behind us, Wizards Of The Coast took the opportunity to announce the future of Magic: The Gathering at its Gen Con 2023 panel. However, not only did the company reveal their plans through 2026, but it also confirmed three huge names in gaming for its ever-growing Universes Beyond portfolio: Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy, and Fallout.

Fallout will receive the MTG treatment first, and it will be represented through a set of Commander decks set to release in March 2024. Following names like Warhammer 40K and Doctor Who, the Fallout Commander decks will feature a mixture of brand-new and reprinted cards, all featuring characters, enemies, factions, and locations from Bethesda's post-apocalyptic saga.

Magic: The Gathering X Assassin's Creed teaser image
Magic: The Gathering X Assassin's Creed teaser image

Assassin's Creed will come next, as a full booster set spanning the entire AC universe will launch in July 2024. The set will include both new and reprinted cards, all featuring new Assassin's Creed-themed artwork, and the new cards will be "mechanically unique" according to WOTC. Assassin's Creed will be the second non-WOTC IP to receive a full booster set, and it follows the also recently released The Lord Of The Rings: Tales Of Middle-earth.

The last of the three video-game-centric announcements, Square Enix's massive RPG franchise Final Fantasy will receive a full booster set expansion in 2025, with cards that will span the entirety of the mainline FF franchise--from the original game to the recently launched Final Fantasy XVI. The set will also be available for digital MTG players via Magic: The Gathering Arena.

One other outside franchise was confirmed for upcoming Magic: The Gathering product, as a subset of cards themed around Jurassic World--which is also celebrating its 30th anniversary this year--will be included in the Lost Caverns Of Ixalan expansion, which launches later this year.

The rest of the Magic: The Gathering Gen Con 2023 announcements are below:

  • Modern Horizons 3 (2024)
    • The reprint set Modern Horizons will return, and it will bring along some double-faced cards and a few Planeswalkers.
  • Ravnica Remastered (Q1 2024)
    • Ravnica Remastered will be the first of multiple products which will return to Ravnica, a plane which was introduced in 2005. This reprint expansion will feature cards from each Ravnica block, and it will have a strong emphasis on the guilds of that world.
  • Murders at Karlov Manor (Q1 2024)
    • A whodunit murder mystery in Magic: The Gathering form, Murders At Karlov Manor will bring detective work to the trading card game through clues, secret identities, and more.
  • Ravnica: Clue Edition (Q1 2024)
    • Ravnica: Clue Edition is a standalone, self-contained experience which combines the classic board game Clue with MTG.
  • Outlaws of Thunder Junction (Q2 2024)
    • Magic takes on the Wild West in this expansion, which will feature both a new world in the MTG universe as well as some of the lore's most notorious villains.
  • Bloomburrow (Q3 2024)
    • This expansion will also present a new world in the MTG universe in the titular Bloomburrow, a unique plane whose inhabitants are not humans, but instead anthropomorphic beasts including frogs, squirrels, rabbits, and rats.
  • Duskmourn: House of Horror (Q4 2024)
    • Just in time for Halloween, Duskmourn: House of Horror is a set framed within a haunted mansion. Characters and cards will draw inspiration from 1980s-era horror movies, games, and more.
  • Innistrad Remastered (release date: 2025)
    • Like Ravnica Remastered, Innistrad Remastered will feature cards from every previous Innistrad expansion in one curated set.
  • Codename: Tennis (release date: Q1 2025)
    • A set exploring a genre uncommon to Magic, Tennis will be "Magic’s first multiplanar death race across three different worlds."
  • Codename: Ultimate (release date: 2025)
    • Ultimate will return to the plane of Tarkir for a full expansion for the first time since 2015.
  • Codename: Volleyball (release date: 2025)
    • All that was mentioned about this set was that it is set in a "science fiction space opera."
  • Codename: Wrestling (release date: 2025)
    • This set will return to Lorwyn and features races such as goblins, kithkin, faeries, and elves.
  • Codename: Yachting (release date: 2026)
    • Yachting will return to the academic plane of Strixhaven, which was introduced in 2021.
  • Codename: Ziplining (release date: 2026)
    • The final expansion announced during Gen Con, this will mark the end of the overarching story which will begin with Wilds Of Eldraine on September 8.

The most recent Magic: The Gathering expansion, Commander Masters, is available now at retailers and local game stores after launching August 4. Meanwhile, the entire Gen Con MTG panel can now be found on the official Magic: The Gathering YouTube channel.

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