Assassin's Creed 4 drops to $30

Amazon offering latest entry in the series of half-off on Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U; GameStop responds by offering same price beginning tomorrow.

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Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag is currently on sale through Amazon for $30, or half-off the game's normal $60 asking price. The deal is valid for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, and PC versions, not the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 iterations, however.

It appears GameStop wants in on the action as well, as the retailer announced a special weekend sales promotion good January 17-19 led by Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag for $30. Just like Amazon, this deal is good only for the Xbox 360, PS3, Wii U, and PC versions.

Other notable software offers in GameStop's weekend sale include:

On the hardware sale, GameStop is offering the following deals through February 2:

  • Get a preowned 250GB Xbox 360, wireless controller, and preowned game under $20 for $250.
  • Get a preowned 160GB (or greater) PS3, DualShock 3 controller, and preowned game under $20 for $250.
  • Get a preowned original model PS3, DualShock 3 controller, and preowned game under $20 for $220.
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Avatar image for Shantmaster_K

Great game so far. So much to do.

Avatar image for TheDarkSpot

How newsworthy.

Avatar image for archav3n

Hmm.. i should be now more cautious with Day 1 purchase. Only on those titles i'm hardcore of.

Avatar image for grimwatch

Expect to see this kind of thing happen more often. The 'dry spell' we're all used to seeing, where game release chedules slow to a crawl, has been slowly but steadily shrinking. While it wont go away completely, what with targeted sales periods like holidays etc, this means that games are spread across the year more evenly. That means that large stockpiles of stock, for example 6 pallets of ACIV, need to move asap to make room, rather than sitting in the back helping to fill out low shelf stock.

Avatar image for Kryptonbornson

Sales do really make fans feel cheated. I pre-purchased this and not only is all the DLC available for purchase, but it's half off. I got the Gold edition and basically got Liberation HD free, but since Freedom Cry was the only single player DLC I still didn't really come out on top.

Avatar image for crunchb3rry

Yawn. Call me when they put out the Washington Edition stateside. It's long overdue.

Avatar image for Keivz_basic

Odd to announce this sale. NFS Rivals was $30 recently as well, didn't see that advertised here...

That being said, I just got this for free today with my new video card (along with SC:BlackList, yay!). Hopefully it plays as good as it will look.

Avatar image for Maverick6585

<< LINK REMOVED >>What card did you get?

Avatar image for Keivz_basic

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> 780 GTX Zotac AMP Edition!

Avatar image for Kryptonbornson

<< LINK REMOVED >> I got Blacklist for like $16 from a serial key site. Activated right up on Uplay no problems.

Avatar image for Viral-venom13

Aha, yeah, i'm sure by the time i'm ready to upgrade to next gen it'll be even lower! :)

Avatar image for HipHopBeats

I'd bite if all DLC was included.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

<< LINK REMOVED >>That's why UBI authorizes these rapid lowball prices - -they plan to make it up on the DLC, of course.

Avatar image for mylesblasonato

Just get the PS3 version and use the PS4 upgrade feature to the digital PS4 version for only $15. Still saving money :)

Avatar image for vduong942

$30 for PC version instant buy

Avatar image for Sharkspawn80

I am waiting for the price drop for the PS4... then I will buy :)

Avatar image for HowlPendragon

On sale for last-gen consoles.

Yep, Wii U too, lol

Avatar image for northArrow

I stopped buying AC titles after the second one. Honestly not sure if I'm missing anything

Avatar image for wristbreaker

<< LINK REMOVED >> same here bought and played 2 and never looked back... never buying another AC game...

Avatar image for KenderDragon

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I understand and I would have agree. But I bought a PS4 at launch-day, and since Watch Dogs wasn't out yet, I took it instead. It's surprisingly a very good game. It gave me back the feelings of the first one with new things to do. And for fact, I don't like the "pirates" genre too much.

Avatar image for CTBradums

<< LINK REMOVED >>Honestly, I was given 1 and 2, then borrowed 3 just to give it a go. I couldn't get into any of them. Just...didn't hook me, I guess. On a whim, and because it looked cool and I love pirates, I bought AC4. I've been hooked since. It's a really enjoyable game. Is it GOTY-worthy epic? Probably not. But the story's well-done, the characters are interesting, and there's a ton to the gameplay aside from the typical AC formula of "follow guy until you kill them, lather, rinse, repeat".

Avatar image for Kryptonbornson

<< LINK REMOVED >><< LINK REMOVED >> I so far like 2 more than 4, but 4 has a more full world.

Avatar image for Maverick6585

I never really like the AC games. They're really good, I just couldn't get into them. (not for for lack of trying though, as I have one and 2). Is this one better than it's predecessors?

Avatar image for BraollusBeBack

<< LINK REMOVED >> Depends what you want from it. AC1 was rather slow in gameplay, but had a lot of philosophical story depth, AC2 the story was much more simplier, but the gameplay had much more variation. Now AC4, the story is even more simplier than 2, but it's not bad, it's really nice, gameplay wise, it's definitely bigger, with more activities than ever, much bigger map, and a really well done naval gameplay, so if you liked AC2 or 1 at all, enjoy the pirate theme, and like to get lost in side missions and activities try it out.

Avatar image for YouEnjoyMyFluff

so does this game suck?

Avatar image for DeathwachMarine

<< LINK REMOVED >> Personally, I think this AC 4 is the best in one in the series.

Avatar image for KenderDragon

<< LINK REMOVED >> I'm playing it and I think is very good, if you like the genre.

Avatar image for deathstream

It is still about $40 too high.

Avatar image for hastati4

I was about to be pissed, since I bought it about a week ago, but I got the PS4 version, so whatever. Thanks for misleading me into reading your article, Eddie. You're the best.

Avatar image for natalieyan

there is only 1 news editor at gamespot??

Avatar image for shreddyz

this really isn't news GS. it's advertising the price of games.

Avatar image for Mr_Big_Boss

<< LINK REMOVED >>At least this guy is posting articles, unlike his colleagues

Avatar image for Lord_Hamster

Be warned!! ubifail didnt bother to FIX savefile bug that delets any and all progress made on random, alot fo ppl have that problem and tech support is useles, been 2 months since it started and to this day they didnt even admit there is a bug much less FIXING it....

Avatar image for smokeless_0225

Figures this would happen about a week after I buy the game, lol. It's still a very good game for anyone interested in picking it up. Best one is series no doubt!

Avatar image for immortality20

I hope those who've been waiting do pick this game up, it is really is a great step for the series. The hate always drowns out the praise on big franchises, and it shouldn't be the case here.

Avatar image for coaltango

If anyone loves Pirates & ships this is a must have.

Avatar image for KenderDragon

<< LINK REMOVED >> I don't, but I like this game anyway. ;)

Avatar image for yoda101280

seems steam is behind the curve, it's still 59.99 there

Avatar image for virtualskill

This is the best entry in the whole AC series too : x

Avatar image for DragonessAthena

Nice to see retailers not being as stupid as Microsoft. They have Darksiders 2 on sale in the Microsoft Store for $8.99, while they have the digital version on "sale" for $20, and only for Xbox Gold.

Avatar image for Mr_Mark_Legion

so any bets on what month this year it will be on PS plus or for $10 for PS plus subscribers.

Avatar image for crimsonbrute

Hmm... For this price I may pick this one up and try it.

Moderator Online
Avatar image for porkchameleon

<< LINK REMOVED >> definitely.

I played every single one (third one only briefly, though), this one is one of the most fun to play. Story is meh (too many tailing missions), but all extracurriculum activities are mad fun.

Avatar image for pellep

with the lack of games for PS4..this is a must buy!

loving every minute of the game :)

Avatar image for scarred_fox

thanks for the heads up. purchased my hard copy along side Batman: origins.

Avatar image for Rayzakk

Nevertheless if I wait even longer it'll go even lower.

Avatar image for mr_enlightened

<< LINK REMOVED >> That's what she said.

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