Asphalt Overdrive channels Burnout and endless runners

It's not Asphalt 9, it's something completely different: A simple, arcade style driving game with endless runner style controls


Asphalt Overdrive

Gameloft is eager to point out that this is absolutely not Asphalt 9, but instead a much simpler mission-based "arcade" style spin-off that takes place in a Southern California setting that it describes as "new 80s" (hence the abundance of pastel hues and Miami Vice font treatments.)

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Unlike other Asphalt games, Overdrive has you holding your device vertically and swiping to control your car as it moves along one of three possible lanes at high speed. Yes, just like an endless runner. Rather than simply racing to the finish line, the game features objectives like escaping from the cops, performing stunts, and takedowns on other cars, much like in Burnout.

Licensed vehicles are a staple of the Asphalt series, and this is no different. Rather than simply emphasizing muscle cars and modern performance vehicles, which it certainly has in abundance, the game seems far more focused on iconic vehicles that are evocative, but not specifically, of 80s TV shows; a black Trans Am (Knight Rider,) a red Ferrari 308 GTS (Magnum PI,) and a GMC Vandura with a spoiler on the back (the A-Team pictured.)

Asphalt Overdrive is schedule for release the Summer (no more specific date than that has currently been given,) and will be available on iOS, Android and Windows Phone.

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