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Federal Minister of Home Affairs will answer questions from GameSpot AU readers in a special R18+ Q&A.

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With Australia's censorship ministers about to meet to discuss (among other things) an adult classification for video games, the time has come to put your questions directly to the man who has taken charge of the R18+ issue in the federal government--Federal Minister for Home Affairs Brendan O'Connor.

Just last month, O'Connor revealed that despite an overwhelming response in favour of introducing an adult classification for video games in Australia in last year's public consultation, he continues to believe that more community views are needed before he and other censorship ministers can think about introducing R18+ for games.

O'Connor also announced that R18+ for games will be talked about at the upcoming Standing Committee of Attorneys-General (SCAG) meeting in Canberra on December 10. While it is still unsure what will be discussed or decided upon in regards to the issue, GameSpot AU has asked O'Connor to field a few questions on R18+ from GameSpot community members.

Anyone who wants to submit a question to Brendan O'Connor has between now and Tuesday, November 30, to e-mail their questions to GameSpot AU. We will then pick the five best questions to send to the minister, whose answers will be published on GameSpot AU the week before the December 10 SCAG meeting.

Questions submitted must be clear, articulate, and free of profanity or insult. Remember: the only way to convince those in government that R18+ for games should be taken seriously is by engaging in intelligent, well-informed debate around the issue.

Questions may be about any aspect of R18+ for games or wider classification issues. As a guide, read GameSpot AU's Classification FAQ feature before writing your question, and make sure it has not already been answered there.

After you have written your question, please send it in to, or post it directly in the comments below.

GameSpot AU will contact you if we decide to use your question. Good luck!

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