Asiasoft launches @Gamer membership program in Singapore

Local publishers of MapleStory announce new program that rewards Asiasoft game fans who frequent specific cybercafes.

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Gamers who love nothing more than a long session of MapleStory, CABAL Online and Sudden Attack will get to earn more for their hobby. Starting now, Asiasoft will be initiating the @Gamer program that rewards gamers with a series of in-game bonuses each time they play any Asiasoft-published game. However, players can only gain these bonuses whilst in cybercafes under the Asiasoft @Cafe network.

Bonuses will include an additional 20 percent experience points earned during online bouts of Sudden Attack and MapleStory, increased drop rates in @Cafe server massively multiplayer online games like AIKA Online, and special access to locked in-game maps like the premium MapleStory maps only available during local Asiasoft events.

The cafes included in this program include Tenchi Internet Cafe, Headshot Gaming Club, and For the entire list of the cafes, head to Asiasoft's official list.

Asiasoft is planning to expand the @Gamer program within the year to other countries like Malaysia.

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