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Asia Shippin' Out April 3-9: Hoard

Dragons and dinosaurs invade PC gamers' hard drives this week.


This week's game release list is light compared to last week, which was packed due to the launch of Nintendo's 3D-without-glasses handheld device. Nonetheless, there are a few highlights up for playtesting, particularly if you own a PC.

First up is Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops for the PC. This third-person tactical action game lets you choose between two distinct characters: the combat-heavy Aron Alvarez and the stealth-focused Myra Lee. The game is out this Tuesday.

Next up are the PC and Mac versions of the PSN multiplayer "dragon simulator" Hoard. Here, you control a dragon and ransack as many villages and would-be heroes as possible to amass gold until the timer ends. The world your dragon inhabits follows an ecosystem of sorts, so gamers will need to torch the countryside meticulously so that they can maximize the output of gold. The game is out now on the Steam digital download service.

Last but not least is the first-person shooter Dino D-Day for the PC. In this multiplayer shooter set in World War II filled with resurrected dinosaurs, gamers get to pick between the Allied forces and the Axis. The Allied forces has six playable soldiers with different skill sets, while the Axis has three human classes and three dinosaur classes to play around with. The game will be out on the Steam digital download service this Friday.

April 4
Hoard (PC, Mac)

April 5
Shadow Harvest: Phantom Ops (PC)
Carnival Games: Monkey See, Monkey Do! (Xbox 360)
StarDrone (PSN)

April 6
The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile (XBLA)

April 8
Dino D-Day (PC)

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