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Asheron's Call: Throne of Destiny announced

Second expansion for 1999's massively multiplayer role-playing game to add a new race and rare items and to overhaul the graphics. First screens inside.


Turbine has unveiled details on its first Asheron's Call project since buying the game's license back from Microsoft in late 2003. Throne of Destiny will be the second expansion to the massively multiplayer role-playing game and will be released in spring 2005. The company has not yet released any price for the expansion, which will be its first self-published game.

The expansion will add an entirely new storyline to the world of Dereth, where the new playable race of Viamontians and their king Varicci II are leading a struggle for power. In addition to raising the level cap and adding a new rare class of items, Throne of Destiny will revamp the graphics of the 5-year-old game.

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