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Ash is Back. And so are the Evil Dead.

As Ash returns to our screens in Ash vs Evil Dead season 3, we look back to see how he managed to become the demon slayer he is today. Presented in partnership with Stan.

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The story so far

With Season 3 of Ash vs Evil Dead now streaming exclusively on Stan, you might need some catching up on all of the series’ demon-killing, chainsaw-hand-having action. Well, fear not – we have you covered!

And if the video leaves you curious, we’ve got bios on all the major characters below, as well as a devilish look into what’s coming in Season 3.

But be warned: if you fear spoilers from the movies and first two seasons of the show more than Ash fears a demon apocalypse, turn back now.

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Ash Williams

In the ‘80s, regular-guy Ash and a group of friends planned to spend the weekend in a cabin in the woods. One accidental demon-summoning ritual later, things went terribly wrong. By that I mean that Ash had to kill his possessed friends and family, cut off his own hand and replace it with a chainsaw, and get sent back in time to medieval England where he fought an evil version of himself.

That’s all before the TV series even kicks off in present day.

When Ash smokes too much of the devil’s lettuce, he accidentally re-awakens the evil he’d defeated long ago. Now, with help from his Value Stop co-workers (and his trusty chainsaw) he’s back on the warpath, waging his endless battle against the Deadites.

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Pablo Simon Bolivar

When Pablo worked in the electronics department of Value Stop, he thought Ash was just the “coolest thing”. Now that Ash has embarked on his quest to destroy the evil spawned by the Necronomicon? Well, that’s even cooler.

The journey so far has been rough for Pablo, what with his uncle dying, his being used as a vessel to summon Demon Spawn, and that whole being cut in half thing.

But despite all of that, Pablo remains loyal to Ash, because the only thing that gets in the way of friendship is having your body used as a puppet by an angry ancient demon.

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Kelly Maxwell

Like Pablo, Kelly worked at Value Stop and is now wrapped up in Ash’s quest to rid the world of evil. It all started very personally for Kel, with her dead mum reappearing out of the blue, only for her to end up being yet another Deadite.

That Deadite then killed Kel’s dad, then Ash killed the Deadite, and then Kel was possessed and tried to kill Ash. It’s fair to say she had a rough few days.

But, she’s now a badass Deadite hunter on her own quest to rid the world of evil, and we all know that that can only go well.

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Ruby Knowby

If you thought JK Rowling wrote some powerful stuff, just wait until you meet Ruby, the proud half-demon author of the Necronomicon that started this all.

But her questionable writing talent isn’t the only thing you should know about her. She’s a bit of a tricky one to pin down – sometimes she’ll help Ash out with his demon-killing, and sometimes she’ll use his severed hand to track him down and try to kill him.

Oh, and she’s the ex-wife of mega-demon and all-round bad dude, Baal.

So, what’s next?

Following Season 2, Baal has been sent back to Hell, Pablo is brought back to life and Ash returns to the present as hometown hero. What could possibly go wrong?

Well, turns out Ash has a daughter, Brandy, and that means not only is he going to have to learn how to be a functional parent (unlikely), he’s now going to have to defend her from hordes of Deadites and his frienemy, Ruby.

It looks like the little town of Elk Grove is in for one big serving of trouble...

Ash vs Evil Dead is streaming exclusively only on Stan from February 26th.

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