ASC to Give One-Two Punch

ASC Games tells us what to expect in the sequel to its PlayStation shooter One.


One (1997)

ASC Games representative Jayson Bernstein informed GameSpot News Wednesday that the company has intentions of doing a sequel to its recent PlayStation shooter, One. However the title's original developer, Visual Concepts, will not be working on the title. Apparently, Sega's partial purchase of Visual Concepts means that Visual Concepts is now concentrating its efforts on production of Sega titles.

Regarding One's sequel, Bernstein told GameSpot News, "Making the levels even better and more interesting than the first are the challenges ." In addition, he said the upcoming game will probably not see release on the PlayStation until 1999.

On the subject of sequels, expect to see the following titles sometime in '98 (each from a variety of developers and publishers): Extreme G 2, PaRappa the Rapper 2, Croc 2, Oddworld 2, and of course, Turok 2 .

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