As WWE Clamps Down On Twitch, An Emotional Paige Speaks Out During A Stream

WWE's takeover of contractor's Twitch channels continues.


In early October, there were numerous reports that WWE would be taking ownership and control of wrestlers' Twitch accounts. On October 29, Saraya Knight, also known as Paige, opened up about the situation as others announced they are no longer streaming.

Over the course of an almost 10-hour stream, Saraya spoke out about the situation. PWUnlimited posted numerous clips cut together featuring the WWE superstar--and former wrestler--who is visibly upset with WWE's control over its contractors' personal lives. Below is one of the four videos PWUnlimited posted.

"I've honestly have got to the point. I cannot deal with this company anymore," Saraya explained during the stream. "I broke my f***ing neck twice for this company... They don't realize that this community isn't just about f***ing subs dude. We build such a wonderful community, a wonderful f***ing family where this is an escape for a lot of people, including myself. I can't wrestle anymore. I was worked so hard in WWE that I can't wrestle anymore. My neck is f***ed. My whole f***ing dreams got taken away from me, dude, and I had to have something that fulfilled that huge f***ing void that I lost with wrestling...

"I had to find something that even filled a little bit of that. And Twitch was doing such a wonderful thing for me. It's such a wonderful place for me. If you're wrestling everyday and doing these shows everyday and on TV constantly, that's fine. But I'm an injured wrestler. I cannot wrestle any more. I get used for media stuff, sometimes. But at the end of the day, I'm in my f***ing house. I'm going f***ing crazy. I need something to keep me f***ing sane. And Twitch was my escape from that."

Saraya went on to explain that she's had a time tough the past few years, during her tenure with WWE. She failed a couple of drug tests and was in an abusive relationship. And while she is thankful to have a job, she doesn't believe she's being treated well. She said she's had her neck taken from her twice, and now, her Twitch too.

The day after the broadcast, the replay for the stream had large sections muted throughout the video, which you can watch here.

Saraya's October 29 stream
Saraya's October 29 stream

At this time, it is unclear if WWE or Saraya muted these portions, but these sections are where the wrestler opened up about WWE's new policy for streaming. According to Twitch, "Flagged Content will display an on-screen notification informing viewers that content owned or controlled by a third party has been identified. The progress bar will also be red for the duration of the muted section."

Others have suspended their channels. On a Discord AJ Styles posts in, he made a comment announcing the channel was no more.

"I want to thank you for all the greatest memories on Mixer and Twitch," said Styles. "I will cherish these memories and I love everyone of you that have made this possible and supported me. As many of you know, WWE is making some changes that involve streaming. We will see what the future holds in that regard. With that being said, I will be suspending Stylesclash stream. This isn't good bye, but this is see you sometime in the future."

Styles will be leaving the Discord open, and he calls this a "pause" rather than an "end."

In addition, Cesaro and Mia Yim both publicly announced they will no longer be streaming. There are reports that this new WWE policy for its contractors also covers Cameo as well. Austin Creed's UpUpDownDown is not affected by this new policy, as the channel is WWE-branded content.

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