As Dusk Falls Safe Code: How To Open The Safe In Episode 1

Trying to crack the safe in episode 1 of As Dusk Falls? Here's the four-digit code you'll need.


Let me guess: Right now you've got As Dusk Falls paused while you stare at the safe you're trying to break into it so you can steal the money. The youngest of the Holt boys, Jay, had the code in his pocket, but he lost it. The game dastardly doesn't warn you that this is going to happen, which could leave you empty-handed as the in-game timer ticks away unless you saw it coming and kept the code in mind. Don't sweat it, though. Here's the solution you're looking for.

As Dusk Falls safe code

As the Holts explore the house they've broken into, Jay puts the safe code in his pocket. But when it's time to crack the safe, the slip of paper has gone missing. If you didn't store the code to memory, all you need to know is its four-digit solution: 5926. So long as you enter the code correctly before the timer expires, you'll unlock the safe without setting off any alarms.

Crack the safe, steal the money, and I'm sure everything will go just fine.
Crack the safe, steal the money, and I'm sure everything will go just fine.

I actually had the bad luck of playing this scene across two days, one when I saw the code and the next when I needed to recall it. Thankfully, due to the code's inverted sequence of digits (5 is like an upside down and backward 2, 9 is an upside-down and backward 6), I happened to recall what it was. But if you're not so fortunate to have saved that one to memory, that's what we're here for.

Keep in mind that the story adapts to how you play, so should you fail to enter the code correctly--or in time--you won't see a "game over" screen, anyway. The story will just adapt to your choices. And spoilers: There's no version of the story that allows the Holts to avoid causing a hostage crisis later in the episode. After all, that's the crux of the story, so opening the safe in time just means you quietly get the money out of it before things pop off by some other means later in the scene.

There are a ton of branches to explore in the story, whether you play in solo mode or in one of its innovative multiplayer modes. While I prefer the purist's playthrough of never reverting to previous saves or branching paths, the game actually makes it very easy to do so, if you so choose. You can explore the story tree and elect to pick up the story from any major decision, or even many minor decisions. For more on Interior Night's debut, read our glowing As Dusk Falls review.

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