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As Dusk Falls Guide - What School Does Dean Go To

Here's a quick guide on getting through Vanessa's dad's scorching interrogation.


In As Dusk Falls episode 4, you'll need to know what school Jay, aka "Dean," is said to go to in order to trick Vanessa's dad into easing off his interrogation routine. The overprotective father hits you with the pop quiz to test your honesty, and though there's no chance you actually do go to the same school as Vanessa like she says, you can still fake it so you make it. Here's what you need to know about the As Dusk Falls school dialogue choice.

As Dusk Falls school answer

When Vanessa's armed and grumpy dad gets home early from work, Jay, under the fake name of Dean, as well as Vanessa, decide to pretend they're classmates studying for an exam--despite having just met for the first time earlier that day. Vanessa's dad asks which school you attend, and the question, much like the safe code in episode 1, comes out of nowhere unless you anticipate needing to know the answer ahead of time.

While Vanessa quickly grows fond of you, her dad is less enthused about your presence.
While Vanessa quickly grows fond of you, her dad is less enthused about your presence.

When the father asks you which school you go to, the answer you should select to pass his test is Bridgeley. This is Vanessa's private school, and though Jay dropped out, "Dean" must pretend he attends it, as well. If you're wondering how you could've possibly known that, the answer is actually on a piece of mail sent home from the school. In the letter from the principal, it's revealed that Vanessa is something of a troublemaker. Playing as Jay, you can read it when you awaken alone in Vanessa's living room, but you wouldn't know at the time that the school's name on the paper is something to store in your memory.

But if you managed to pause and find this guide in time, you'll at least dodge the dad's ire for now, though he's not too fond of you in any event. For more on the new Game Pass adventure, check out our As Dusk Falls review.

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