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As an Apology for the Delay, Might No. 9 Backers Receiving Special Trial Version

But it'll only be available for a month.


Following the recent delay of Mighty No. 9, developer Comcept has announced that its Kickstarter backers will receive temporary access to a trial on September 15, the full game's previously scheduled release date.

In a backer-only Kickstarter update, Comcept revealed its plans for Mighty No. 9's "Trial Ver." Backers have previously gotten to go hands-on with a beta version of the game, but this demo will offer new and updated content.

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Trial Version consists of the first six Challenge mode levels and the "complete states" of the opening stage and the No. 1, 3, and 5 stages. "Changes have been made to the content including enemy placement adjustments and an extra layer of polish has been added to the graphics, so even backers who spent time with the beta should also check out this Trial Ver. to see what has changed since then," the update states.

None of the story content in these levels is being removed; players can see all of their cutscenes. New UI options will be added from the beta, and the 8-bit version of the soundtrack can be toggled on from the options menu.

This demo will only be available for a month after its launch on Steam on September 15. Codes will be distributed to backers "a few days earlier." The update didn't specify if there will be a version available for other platforms.

Mighty No. 9's delay was officially announced earlier in August; it's now not due out until 2016. The delay was rumored back in July, and its eventual announcement angered some fans. This was not just because of the delay itself, but because they believed the news was held back until another Comcept Kickstarter campaign (Red Ash, which didn't reach its goal) ran its course.

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