Arx Fatalis site opens

Fishtank Interactive launches a new Web site for its upcoming first-person fantasy role-playing game.


Fishtank Interactive has launched a new Web site for Arx Fatalis, its upcoming role-playing game in development at Arkane Studios. The new site contains a description of the game's fantasy world, a summary of the storyline, and information about the races and heroes that will appear in the game. In addition, the site features a gallery of screenshots, character models, and concept sketches.

Arx Fatalis lets players undertake an epic quest to defeat the forces of evil in a subterranean medieval fantasy world known as Arx. The gameworld includes giant underground cities, dark dungeons and sewers, and huge caverns. The game will include a wide variety of quests and subquests, an unusual combat system, more than 50 different magic spells, and an online multiplayer deathmatch mode.

Arx Fatalis is scheduled for release this spring. For more information, take a look at our previous coverage of the game, and visit the new Arx Fatalis Web site.

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