Arrowverse Crossover Introduces Justice League Movie Member In Crisis On Infinite Earths

Yes, our mind is blown as well.


Crisis on Infinite Earths came to a close on Tuesday night, and the five-part DC/CW crossover event had monumental repercussions. During part-four--the Arrow episode--Ezra Miller from the DC movie universe showed up as The Flash in a bizarre moment.

Warning: Spoilers for Part-4 of the Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover below.

Seen in the picture below, Barry Allen--played by Grant Gustin--enters the speed force with the help of Oliver Queen/The Spectre. Barry heads to STAR Labs to find his other friends, and he bumps into... himself. Check out the image from the episode below.

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Yes, that's Ezra Miller, who plays Barry Allen--The Flash--in the DC Universe movies. And yes, Miller's Flash was in the weird, armor-looking Flash suit we've seen in the movies. Miller's cameo seems to be nothing more than just that: a brief appearance in the episode. However, it seems Ezra's Allen gets the idea to call himself "The Flash" thanks to this little meeting between speedsters, so there's something for the overall canon.

Crisis on Infinite Earths--a crossover event between all of CW's DC shows--will end on Tuesday evening with the finale taking place on Legends of Tomorrow. Can the superheroes save the multiverse from the Anti-Monitor? We'll learn soon enough. Keep checking in with GameSpot throughout the evening for more revelations from the last two parts of this monumental event.

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