Arrests, Lifetime Bans Handed Down in New StarCraft Match-Fixing Case - Report

Players allegedly received thousands for intentionally losing.


According to reports, multiple arrests and lifetime bans have been handed down in Korea as part of allegations of match-fixing and illegal gambling related to StarCraft II competitive play.

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Team Liquid has a full rundown of the situation. The Changwon Regional Prosecutor's office announced the arrest of StarCraft team Prime head coach Gerrard (Park Wae-Sik) and professional players YoDa (Choi Byeong-Heon) and BBoongBBoong (Choi Jong-Hyuk).

"Brokers and 'financial backers' were also arrested, including former pro gamer and esports journalist Enough (Seong Jun-mo) who acted as a broker," Team Liquid wrote. "The two financial backers--who paid brokers to attempt to fix matches--were gangsters with ties to organized crime."

According to the report, five total StarCraft II matches were discovered to have been allegedly fixed. They reportedly took place in GSL and Proleague matches between January and June of 2015; four of the alleged matches were played by YoDa and the other by BBoongBBoong.

BBoongBBoong reportedly received around $4,450 to throw his match, while YoDa was reportedly paid more than $26,000 to intentionally lose two matches. The report claims he was "also blackmailed into fixing two other matches for no compensation."

A statement from the Korean esports Organization (KeSPA) confirms that Park and YoDa will receive lifetime bans from competitive play for sanctioned matches. In addition, KeSPA said it will take legal action against them, including a lawsuit for damages to the organization's reputation.

This is not the first instance of match-fixing in competitive gaming. In January this year, Valve banned multiple professional Counter-Strike teams after it was discovered that they intentionally fixed matches.

Head to the Team Liquid website to get the full story.

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