Arnold Schwarzenegger Was The Driving Force Behind Total Recall Being Made

Total Recall is getting a 30th anniversary 4K release and the special features reveal just how the movie got made.


Total Recall is celebrating its 30th anniversary in a big way with a 4K UHD rerelease that includes brand-new special features. The film stars Arnold Schwarzenegger, who plays Quaid, a mild-mannered man who may or may not be a secret agent from Mars. And in one of the new featurettes, we learn that the reason this movie got made was because of its star.

As you can see in the video below, which is part of the special features for the new release of the film, more than 40 drafts were written for this movie. In 1989, Schwarzenegger had become a monumental star in Hollywood, coming off of Terminator, Predator, The Running Man, and Twins to name a few.

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So at that point, Schwarzenegger had a lot of pull and pushed for the movie to get made. "What happened was that Arnold saw Robocop," explained director Paul Verhoeven. "And he had wanted to do Total Recall for years. He basically convinced [executive producer] Mario Kassar to buy that script."

From there, the rest is history. The movie was released in 1990 and grossed $261 million worldwide ($519 million adjusted for inflation) on a reported $65 million budget. While the original film was a hit, the same could not be said about the 2012 remake starring Colin Farrell, which grossed $198 million worldwide with an estimated $125 million budget.

The 4K UHD three-disc set of Total Recall will arrive in stores on December 8. In addition to previously-released special features like audio commentary, the 4K release will feature a documentary on how Carlco Pictures changed Hollywood, a featurette on the score of Total Recall, and another featurette developing the movie.

The suggested retail price for the film is $33. However, it's currently on sale at Amazon for $15, and Best Buy has is for the same price. However, Best Buy also has a Steelbook edition for $20. The 4K edition of Total Recall does not arrive until December 8.

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