Arnold Schwarzenegger Returns To Predator In New Hunting Grounds DLC

He also recorded voice lines for a series of cassette tapes that will be free DLC for the game.


Developer Illfonic has unveiled the first pieces of DLC for its asymmetrical multiplayer game, Predator: Hunting Grounds, and it includes Arnold Schwarzenegger's Major Alan "Dutch" Schaefer.

Dutch is slated to hit Predator: Hunting Grounds on May 26 for PC and PlayStation 4 as paid DLC. He comes bundled with his QR5 "Hammerhead" rifle and a hunting knife, and both weapons will be free for everyone who owns the game sometime this June. Alongside Dutch is a free piece of DLC: A series of cassette tapes featuring voice lines from Schwarzenegger himself that chronicles where Dutch has been all these years. The cassette tapes, also dropping on May 26, will be free for everyone.

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Illfonic also shared a roadmap that teases what's headed to Predator: Hunting Grounds in the coming months. Each month will feature free and paid DLC that will consist of new weapons, game modes, themed character packs, and more. The studio said it will detail the DLC contents when it gets closer to their respective launch windows.

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The game recently received a patch that included some crucial AI fixes. On top of that, update 1.05 also made a number of adjustments to the user interface and experience, addressed some collision and matchmaking issues, and more.

We scored the game a 4/10 in our Predator: Hunting Grounds review, saying, "Even if you do find yourself playing enough to be matched against some of Hunting Grounds' best players, there's not enough depth to sustain it for much longer."

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