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Army of Two furloughed 'til '08

Electronic Arts delays its co-op shooter from original November release date to give it another coat of polish.


A rough-around-the-edges group of ragtag military misfits might be able to make the grade in theaters (Stripes, In the Army Now, and Delta Farce), but "rough around the edges" just doesn't cut it in the latest volley of console wars. As a result, Electronic Arts has delayed the release of its co-op-focused third-person shooter Army of Two, according to a report from Reuters.

Previously expected to see release on November 13, Army of Two has been shuffled back into EA's early 2008 lineup, with the publisher saying it needs the extra time to polish the shooter. The game will be one of three semi-comic military-themed titles from EA next year, along with Bad Company and Mercenaries 2, which were both delayed from 2007 release dates themselves.

In recent years, EA has delayed a number of games for quality concerns, although the final products have delivered mixed results. Most notably, the publisher pushed back 2006's Superman Returns--only to have it become critical kryptonite. The Godfather, which missed the lucrative holiday sales season in 2005, landed respectable reviews upon its release in 2006.

The game has been under development at EA's Montreal studio since 2005. For more on Army of Two, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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