Army Men: Sarge's War

The Army Men saga is alive and kicking with a new publisher and a gritty new game.


Though long associated with now defunct publisher 3DO, the Army Men series is apparently alive and kicking with new publisher Gathering. The series started in 1998 as the virtual battles between the eponymous plastic army men and went on to spawn more than 20 sequels and spin-off titles. However, when publisher 3DO went out of business last year, the franchise’s future seemed in doubt.

This new Army Men title, Army Men: Sarge's War, is a third-person action shooting game. The Green and Tan army men are on the verge of a historic peace, though rogue elements of the Tan army wish to keep the war raging. They draw Sarge and his men into an ambush where Sarge discovers a new enemy equipped with powerful weapons. With his squad wiped out, Sarge must carry on the fight against Colonel Malice.

Gathering, the publisher, touts that Sarge's War will be a grittier chapter in the series, which has always been a bit tongue-in-cheek. To this effect, Sarge will draw on an arsenal of realistic weapons, including carbine and assault rifles, shotguns, bazookas, sniper rifles, grenades, flamethrowers, bombs, and more.

The game will feature 12 levels, with a mixture of real-world and miniature toy settings. The artificial intelligence should also be improved, and you’ll face enemies who will flank you, shoot from cover, and duck. The environment will be partially destructible, and you can target specific body parts to, say, blow off an enemy's leg.

Sarge's War will support multiplay for both the PS2 and the Xbox, though details are still scarce. Tactical Development is developing the game for the two aforementioned platforms, and there are eventual plans for GameCube and PC versions. It’s due out this June.

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