Army Corps of Hell joins PS Vita launch lineup in US

Square Enix prepping RTS-like actioner from Pikmin writer's new studio for Western launch of Sony's new handheld.


Army Corps of Hell

The PlayStation Vita dominated Sony's 2011 Tokyo Game Show press conference, with the company confirming a large swath of launch lineup titles in Japan. One of those titles was Army Corps of Hell, from Square Enix. Today, the Japanese publisher confirmed that Army Corps of Hell will also be a launch title for the PS Vita in the US early next year.

The Army Corps of Hell mobilizes in the US early next year.
The Army Corps of Hell mobilizes in the US early next year.

Army Corps of Hell comes from Entersphere, a new studio from the writer behind Nintendo's highly regarded GameCube game, Pikmin. Placed in the shoes of the "King of Hell," players will lead armies of goblins with the goal of reclaiming his throne.

The game will utilize special features present only on the PS Vita, with the rear touch pad put to use for commanding hordes and playing instruments. The game is also set to include a loot system for equipping goblin armies to take on more difficult enemies and bosses. Square Enix also confirmed that local multiplayer will be supported via an ad hoc infrastructure mode.

For more on Army Corps of Hell, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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