Arms Update Out Now For Nintendo Switch, Here's Everything Included

Grab it with both arms.


Nintendo Switch's exclusive fighting game Arms has a new update out now. Version 3.2, announced last week, contains some new features, some balance changes, and more. Unfortunately, the character that many believed to be a new playable mecha version of Spring Man is not, in fact, a playable fighter. Instead, he's a new boss character called Springtron who appears in the latter stages of Grand Prix if you don't lose a match.

Despite the lack of a new playable fighter, version 3.2 includes a fair amount of content. The Badge feature rewards you for completing challenges such as winning your first Grand Prix or playing a number of matches with one character. There's also a new Recent Replays feature, which saves replays from your most recent matches so you can watch them back. Make sure you watch any important matches back relatively quickly, however, since Nintendo says "replay data is automatically deleted when necessary, starting with the oldest data." Updating Arms will also delete all stored replay data.

Meanwhile Lola Pop, who was added last month in an update, has received a buff in this latest patch--her movement speed has been increased. In fact, many fighters have received boosts in speed; take a look at the full patch notes at the bottom of this article.

Recent Arms updates have included two new stages--Sparring Ring and Via Dolce--and more. Nintendo has continually added new Arms content since launch, with previous free DLC adding another fighter called Max Brass and including a new set of training exercises.

In other Switch news, Nintendo has reportedly increased production of the hybrid console to 2 million units per month in light of its high demand, particularly in Asia. In addition, Splatoon 2 has a new map and weapon available now, and the Eshop added a nice new feature this week that shows what games are currently discounted.

Arms Update 3.2 Patch Notes

  • Added new Badge feature.
    • Receive neat badges as a reward for fulfilling certain conditions.
    • Wear your favorite badge and show it off to your opponent.
  • Added new Recent Replays feature.
    • Select from a list and view replays of past matches.
    • Replay data is automatically deleted when necessary, starting with the oldest data.
    • Also, future ARMS updates will cause all replay data from past versions to be deleted.
  • During replay playback, ZR will no longer switch between targets. The X button instead is used for all camera angle switching.
  • During replay playback, + - buttons no longer toggle HP gauge display, and instead now bring up the menu.
  • Fixed issue where, at certain timings, follow up attacks after wind attacks would not land.
  • Fixed issue where, after suffering an ice attack, players on a snake board could repeatedly jump and the snake board would continuously accelerate.
  • Fixed issue where, when battle rules are set to 1-punch KO, under certain conditions fighters would become unable to move.
  • We’ve identified an interloper who has been disrupting the Grand Prix, going after our fiercest competitors. If encountered, we advise you to dispatch them with prejudice.
  • Adjusted the abilities of certain fighters and Arms as follows.
Fighters / ArmsAdjustments
Lola PopIt's already been one month since she joined Arms. Her beginner's nerves have faded away, giving her increased movement speed during air dashes.
Increased movement speed during high jump.
Increased movement speed when bounding.
Adjusted speed when descending.
Byte & BarqDecreased time interval between Byte and Barq's respective attacks.
Max BrassDecreased expansion rate of attacks when buffed up.
Increased distance from which he can approach targets.
MegawattIncreased expansion rate when extending.
Increased extension speed.
Increased expansion rate of charge attacks.
SlamamanderIncreased extension speed.
BifflerIncreased retraction speed.
Increased floatiness of jump attacks.
Increased expansion rate of charge attacks.
RevolverIncreased retraction speed.
RetorcherIncreased retraction speed.
Adjusted path followed when extending.
NadeFixed online play issue where explosive damage would trigger twice.
Increased speed of charge attacks.
BlorbIncreased expansion rate when extending.
Increased time needed to finish expanding.
ChillaDecreased homing ability.
TriboltDecreased speed of charge attacks.
Increased time needed to finish expanding.
Fixed multiple online play issues.
Fixed multiple online play issues.
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