Armored Warfare's Founder Pack Giveaway

Enter to win a Armored Warfare's Founder Pack code.


Developer Obsidian Entertainment and publisher will be launching Armored Warfare, the strategic multiplayer tank combat game, into Open Beta on October 8, 2015.

With the Lord of War Founders Pack, players will be able to jump into beta today in the head start program and also receive $30 in gold, 90 days of premium status, a unique commander and epic tanks including the Tier 4 2S14 Zhalo-S and Tier 6 tanks MBT-70, BMPT "Terminator" and Expeditionary Tank.

These codes are Instant Win (while supplies last) When you enter, you win a code. It's that simple! To enter you're going to need to fill out our form and then you Must do the following:

  • Like us on Twitter
  • Like @ArmoredWar on Twitter
  • Watch the Armored Warfare Open Beta Trailer

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Europeans got trolled by the timing of this, announced after midnight, ended before the morning, oh well

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Ooooh damn! Good giveaway but do you have some more keys to spend?! :)

ffsake do another one of these! :)

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Tolle Aktion!

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Well this certainly didn't last long :(.