Armored Core forges spring release

Mech-based combat game from Chromehounds developer lumbers onto Xbox 360s, PS3s next spring; details coming later.


Armored Core 4

From Software loves giant battling robots. The developer has created the mech-combat game Chromehounds for the Xbox 360, a handful of Armored Core games, and the Japanese game Metal Wolf Chaos, which sees a fictional American president hop into a giant set of battle armor and deliver a thousand hollow points of light into enemies invading the US.

Today, publisher Sega and From Software announced that Armored Core 4, which was briefly mentioned at last year's Tokyo Game Show, will come to the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in spring 2007.

The date is news, as previous reports had the Xbox 360 version releasing this year, and the PS3 edition was given the nebulous "To Be Announced" release date. No further details were announced.

For more information on Armored Core 4, read GameSpot's previous coverage, or check out GameSpot's 2006 Tokyo Game Show coverage.

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