Armored Core 6 Screenshots Leak, Dark Souls Creator Involved - Report

Dark Souls studio From Software is apparently going back to its mech-roots with a new installment in the Armored Core series.


Screenshots for From Software's rumored Armored Core 6 have apparently leaked, which reportedly features a new "sci-fi world" created by Hidetaka Miyazaki. As spotted by VGC and posted by user Red Liquorice on Resetera, who claims that they were part of a survey done by the Dark Souls studio on the unannounced third-person action game. The game will seemingly feature "three-dimensional, dynamic action" and a "high degree of freedom in customization" as you move your mech around an "overwhelmingly-scaled" map.

As for the story, Armored Core 6 reportedly features governments, corporations, and influential cults battling it out for a mysterious substance known as Melange, which has the potential to dramatically advance human society. "You will face strong enemies and fierce battles both long and short-range using guns and blades," according to the survey, which also added that the multi-layered maps will emphasize the scale of the mechs that you'll be able to pilot.

For From Software, a new Armored Core will see the studio return to its roots. While it's best-known for games such as Dark Souls and Bloodborne, From Software worked on 15 Armored Core games from 1997 and until 2013. Since then, third-person action games featuring customizable mech suits have been hard to find, although Marvelous' Daemon X Machina was seen as a spiritual successor when it arrived on Nintendo Switch in 2019, and later on PC in 2020.

2022 will be a big year for From Software though, as the studio's Elden Ring action-RPG launches on February 25. Set in the realm of the Lands Between, the game's narrative features contributions from Game of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin, a massive map to explore, and Souls-like combat.

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