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Arma 3 Goes to South Pacific With New Expansion at E3 2015

Watch the first trailer and check out some screens for the military shooter's next expansion, called Tanoa.


During the PC Gaming Show tonight at E3 2015, Bohemia Interactive announced the next expansion for military shooter Arma 3.

It's called Tanoa, and it's set on a South Pacific archipelago featuring a land mass of over 100km2. Tanoa is scheduled to launch in the first half of 2016, though a price point was not announced.

Players will find all manner of tropical vegetation in the Tanoa expansion, as you can see in the announcement trailer below. There are also new vehicles, weapons, attachments, gear, and characters included with the expansion.

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Tanoa represents the first South Pacific destination for the Arma series. Prior locations for the franchise include the Mediterranean (Arma 3 base game), Eastern Europe (Arma 2), and the Middle-east (Arma 2: Operation Arrowhead).

For a closer look at Arma 3's Tanoa expansion, check out some screenshots in the gallery below.

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