Arma 3 Free Updates and Editor Announced As Sales Hit 2 Million

The first of two free updates is coming in November, with the next paid expansion arriving in 2016.


PC military shooter Arma III has now sold more than 2 million copies, developer Bohemia Interactive has announced. This is up from 1 million copies sold as of May 2014. The game was released in September 2013.

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Alongside the new sales number announcement, Bohemia has revealed a content roadmap for the game's next year of updates. Two free updates are coming, called Nexus and Eden, while the next paid expansion, Apex, is due to launch in the Q2 2016, meaning it should be out before the end of June 2016.

The Nexus update is slated to arrive in November. It will introduce "significant improvements" for features such as stamina/fatigue and protective equipment, among other things. The Nexus update will also add an updated version of Arma III's End Game multiplayer mode that originally arrived earlier this year. On top of that, the update will include an in-development version of the game's web-based social service, Units.

The Eden update, meanwhile, is scheduled to launch in early 2016. It adds a new Eden 3D Editor, which Bohemia says will give players "far more control" over what they build than the previous 2D Scenario Editor featured in past games. The update also adds "several" usability tweaks, as well as an "overhaul of how players discover and join multiplayer sessions."

Following these two updates will be Arma III's next paid expansion, Apex. It features a 100km2 South Pacific map called Tanoa. This was initially revealed at E3 2015 during the first-ever PC Gaming Show. In addition, players can expect a new co-op campaign, as well as more vehicles, weapons, and characters. Though Apex is a paid expansion, all players can expect a free quality-of-life update alongside it.

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More details about Apex, including its price point and early access availability, will be announced in 2016. Apex is Arma III's fourth paid expansion, following Marksmen (April 2015), Helicopters (November 2014), Karts (May 2014), and Zeus (April 2014). The complete Arma III content roadmap can be seen in the image above.

GameSpot's Arma III review scored it a 7/10.

"In any direction you go, there's loosely structured fun to be had," critic Nick Capozzoli said. "It's there where the islands Bohemia Interactive have created are put through their paces, stretched and warped by the collective whim of the internet, unconstrained by the expectations that burden the words 'modern warfare.'"

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I bought it wanting an online military sim, I got Altis life and zombie mods, there is no military sim to be found... waste of money.

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I think I read somewhere that they were gonna switch to dx12. I was hoping to confirm that in this article. I guess it's just a rumor. Switching to dx12 could mean great things for this game :(

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they should do a ps4/x1 version

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This is THE game I wish I could play. Looks like a ton of fun from watching on twitch.

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As much as I love this game it's hard to get into because of all the technical problems.

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Wish Arma would come to consoles, it's a damn good shooter I just don't have enough friends to play with on PC.

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@jameson420: The engine is a mess and i7's are happy to get 30fps in multiplayer stuff, no way it could run on a console with a tablet CPU.

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@jameson420: Its also an absolute beast to run, half my friends who have gaming rig's can barely run it, let alone a console. You'd also loose the primary factor that makes it so god damn good, mod support

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Mod support could be added. Look at Fallout 4

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@jonexotic: i see the mods being really simple

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@jonexotic: No offence mate, but if you think the mod support for fallout(or any other game) on console will be even close to the kind of modding allowed on the PC you're in for a massive disappointment. It will be completely regulated by sony, microsoft and bathesda, and I'll be highly surprised if you don't have to pay for everyone of them. What's more you'll be limited by the hardware of the machines which will already be close to their limit long before you start adding mods. Don't get me wrong I'd love to see modding become a big thing on consoles, it would probably sway me to buy more games for my PS4 but I just can't see it happening

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I understand that you won't get the full modding experience, but you need to start small.

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@jonexotic: The mod support will be a shell of what is available on PC, even bethesda hasn't really explained how they will make it work. Also copyrights I am sure will be a factor in the console versions.

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Need more games like Arma.

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@repetitively: Yeah I wish there were more, there's a lot of different directions you can go for other games while keeping the fundamental focus on simulation and realism, it would be cool to see them. Just not a big enough market for multiple games like this I guess. I wonder, if they couldn't make money off some of the same work in non-gaming applications, would we even have ArmA today? I guess 2 million in sales is pretty good so maybe we would have it anyway.

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