Ark's Launch Trailer Shows The Crazy Stuff You Can Do, And An Adorable Otter

Ark: Survival Evolved's official release is almost here.


With the official release of Ark: Survival Evolved coming up soon, developer Studio Wildcard has now released the game's launch trailer--and it's pretty incredible.

The video shows off some of the many things you can do in the game such as building bases (above or below water), riding robo-dinosaurs, and befriending an adorable otter who you can then chuck into the water to go get resources for you. The video also spotlights Ark's sprawling environments and some of the newer, more fantastical creatures such as griffins. Here's the trailer:

In the video's description, Studio Wildcard said Ark's official release on August 29 represents the "next phase of our journey." The studio teased that the game is going to become "even more fun" in the future, as the developer adds "additional gameplay, creatures, and story elements." Overall, Studio Wildcard says "the adventure has only begun" as it relates to Ark's continued development.

Ark launches on August 29 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. It had already been in Early Access on PC for more than two years, selling millions of copies.

In other news, Studio Wildcard said it has cross-play between Xbox One and PS4 working internally, but Sony will not allow the feature to go live for everyone.

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