Arkham Asylum dev attached to Hitman 5

Actor's online resume indicates Rocksteady Studios may have taken over development of new installment in IO's hired assassin franchise.


As far back as September 2007, Eidos has indicated that a new installment in IO Interactive's long-running Hitman franchise is in development. In the intervening years, Eidos has undergone significant upheaval, laying off some 25 percent of its staff in advance of being bought by Japanese publisher Square Enix. In that time, neither the publisher nor IO, its assumed developer, has said anything of the game.

Rocksteady does have experience with the lone-vigilante genre…
Rocksteady does have experience with the lone-vigilante genre…

And while the publisher remains mum on the project, new information on Hitman 5 appears to have surfaced today courtesy of the online resume of British actor Mark Sloan. As spotted by Joystiq, Sloan completed a round of motion capture for Hitman 5 in 2008.

Notably, Sloan lists Batman: Arkham Asylum outfit Rocksteady Studios as the game's developer, not franchise creator IO. It is unclear whether Rocksteady is solely handling development of the title or whether it is collaborating with IO. Square Enix had not responded to requests for comment on the resume listing as of press time.

Of IO's known projects, the Danish studio is working on Mini Ninjas, a new intellectual property for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii, DS, and PC. Eidos has also filed an application with the US Patent and Trademark Office for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, indicating that IO may be at work on a sequel to the 2007 co-op-heavy shooter.

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