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Arkanoid: Eternal Battle Adds Battle Royale To An Arcade Classic

The 36-year-old block breaker is back and includes a 25-player free-for-all.


During the 2022 Guerrilla Collective indie game livestream, Microids unveiled Arkanoid: Eternal Battle, a modern revival of an arcade classic with a battle royale twist.

This new Arkanoid includes four ways to play: a new modern take on the classic block-breaking gameplay, the original retro experiences from decades ago, four-player local split-screen gameplay, and a 25-player online battle royale mode where the last one standing wins it all.

This is Microids's second reveal of a classic game franchise's revival, as the publisher announced Flashback 2--the return of the 30-year-old PC action-platformer--during Summer Game Fest Live on June 9.

Taito first released Arkanoid in arcades in 1986 as a simple concept: players would move a single platform in order to bounce a ball, which would then break blocks floating in the air above the platform. Break all of the blocks and the player would move on to the next stage, with each stage increasing the challenge until the player hit the game over screen.

Arkanoid: Eternal Battle will launch on Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, and PC in October 2022.

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