Arkane teases Dishonored news

Developer says it has something to share related to the stealth action game tomorrow.


Arkane has teased Dishonored news for tomorrow. The developer tweeted an image today (below), along with a message that simply reads: "News tomorrow."

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No further information was divulged, though the developer could be teasing an announcement of one of the two previously announced story-focused Dishonored expansions that will be released in 2013.

The first will focus on Daud, the leader of a legion of supernatural assassins known as The Whalers. It is due out sometime this spring.

In addition, Dishonored parent publisher Zenimax recently trademarked "Void Walker's Arsenal" and "The Brigmore Witches," the latter of which is referenced in a Dishonored in-game book.

Dishonored launched in October and was the United States' fourth-best-selling game of the month. It was also the only non-sequel to make the top-10 chart during the month. The game's first expansion--Dunwall City Trials--launched in December.

For more on Dishonored, check out GameSpot's review.

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@PSYCHOV3N0M @R4gn4r0k Yeah Far Cry 3 is amazing too !

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my very first comment that I am and I am VERY HONORED and PRILIVEGED to say isthat I have TONS of respect for you guys and towards you guys, not only for making great stealth games but also for being who you all are.. like for me, I have TONS of respect for people and wouldn't do anything that would make them feel bad... I really love you guys' accents because British culture was my favorite subject in Geography.. I have TONS of respect for people across the world.... truthfully for me it sometimes gets a little hard because i dont look normal, cannot talk very well, and i have one eye where the pupil is crookd... But I am not going to let that stop me even though people stare and say why can't he talk or keeps staring at me, Ijust go on because SOME people are insecure

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Fingers crossed for some expansions, Dishonored was a fantastic game, would love to play it some more

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Shango4 enjoy

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this was truly the best game i played for this gen consoles, great work Arkane ;)

Avatar image for IRUNSTREETS

It is not short if you play it like a stealth with no deaths inflicted(only pacifist way) on the very hard difficulty. Listen to what the NPC have to say to eachother when you sneak arround, read the lore and it will last you a few good hours. Going guns blazing will shorter your experience. Play it like a stealth game not like a FPS.
Too bad the developers targeted this game for FPS gamers as well( I like shooters, but this one just does not feel right to be a FPS) and made stealth like a option not like the main game way.

Avatar image for MordeaniisChaos

Still can't believe this is using ArmA 2's awful tech. Even ArmA 3's unfinished, broken tech is wayyyyy better...

Avatar image for SythisTaru

@MordeaniisChaos This is Unreal Engine though :O

Avatar image for shadowchronicle

Feel like the game was short and the DLC was there to add in the missing parts.

Avatar image for Slash_out


I wouldn't say so... at all...

Given that the first DLC had no relation to the story, and the second DLC seems to put you in another character in a completly different perspective, and that both those DLCs are released quite some time after the game release... Instead of being dangled in front of your eyes, in the main menu as "paid extra content".

Those are not missing part of the game. But simply devs thinking of stuff to offer those of us that want extra stuff/modes to play with now that we finished the game.

I could understand if you felt that they are adding much needed content to the game. But that's completly different isn't it?

I always want the most out of my games, and I wouldn't have said no if those DLCs were included in the main game. But given the quality of the game, the lack of bugs, the enjoyement I felt, and that there are only 2 DLCs since release (one of them being released 6 month later!), I think that for once, we are treated pretty decently by the devs and publisher.

Avatar image for shingui5

@shadowchronicle I had 16 hours in my first playthrough of the game. So it's not 'short', not in relation to other games, but i think it could have been longer, with a mission or two.

Anyway, despite the average length of the game, there's no mistaking the detail the game went in to, or how fun it was playing each mission.

Avatar image for xRoYx

@shadowchronicle I agree. For how enjoyable the game was, it's a shame that there wasn't more original content to dive in to.

Avatar image for IanNottinghamX

This was a game? When I got it it felt like a 60 dollar demo...was way too short...good but way overhyped...release the rest of the game please....

Avatar image for Link3301

Judging by the second tradmark, the second DLC sounds like it has something to do with Granny Rags.

Avatar image for PeterDuck

Daud was one of the best bosses I had the pleasure of fighting.

Avatar image for Chupacabra3332

@PeterDuck Boy you sound like a real fuckin NERD.

Avatar image for SythisTaru

@Chupacabra3332 @PeterDuck Lol, why are people like you on my gamespot site?

Avatar image for PeterDuck

@Chupacabra3332 @PeterDuck

go **** yourself.

Avatar image for JLCrogue

@PeterDuck @Chupacabra3332 You should take that as a compliment. Dumbasses, like chupacabra here, don't belong on gaming websites.

Avatar image for Devils-DIVISION

Wasn't interested in the first DLC, but this one has my interest.

Avatar image for ArcherRO

They will announce a DLC.

Avatar image for SolidTy

Good news for fans, like me! :)

Avatar image for hadlee73

Nice to see a new IP making some moves.

Avatar image for DARKKNIGHTPRABZ

cant wait , might have to rebuy the game.. im hoping for a large expansion. or goty edition

Avatar image for Voice_of_Wisdom

one of the most overrated games ever

Avatar image for max-hit

@Voice_of_Wisdom Correction: The most overrated game ever.

Avatar image for 2bitSmOkEy

@Voice_of_Wisdom nope

Avatar image for Carpetfluff

@Voice_of_Wisdom Only if you play it like a shooter.

Avatar image for Link3301

@Carpetfluff Nah I found it better as a stealth game.

Avatar image for shingui5

@Link3301 @Carpetfluff thats what Carpetluff meant; if you play it like a shooter, it is indeed overrated (they should have just made it harder to play it like a shooter honestly)

Avatar image for Arkhalipso

@Voice_of_Wisdom The game deserves its score. It is amazing.

Avatar image for evil-zodiark

my guess is that the screenshoot is from daud prespective jsut before the assasination of the empress...

Avatar image for kyletoker

@evil-zodiark good call

Avatar image for Joutja

@evil-zodiark I was just thinking that same thing. You can see the Empress talking with Corvo with Emily in the middle.

Avatar image for Sorciere_basic

Dishonored is a great game. If you want to see DLC done right look here.

Avatar image for evil-zodiark

Daud DLC!!!! yeah!!!!

Avatar image for ccrider

Looks to me like some sort of multiplayer- both are wearing same outfit with same weapons.

Avatar image for Celiria_Rose

@ccrider It won't be. Arkane has stated that Dishonored is a single player only game. The same outfit and weapon is because Daud is the head of a league of assassins.

Avatar image for H0rizon

Here's a spin though, as much as we have all come to hate DLC in the likeness of Mass Effect, we will still buy if it's something actually worth it. This story driven content is actually what people want and is rather interesting. Daud's presentation spoke of a long history, filled with corpses and some forms of regret.

Meanwhile in Mass Effect; You get to cuddle with your romance in the new DLC.

Avatar image for DGWTF

@H0rizon Come on! Romance's in games are so hip!

Avatar image for H0rizon

@DGWTF @H0rizon

Romance is great and so is fan-service.

Avatar image for JamesThePrince

I love Dishonored :D

Avatar image for addictedgamer10

From the looks of the pic, it's the assassin's on the rooftop at the beginning of the game, so I guess that might very well make the news Daud and the Whalers DLC info?

Avatar image for d_train73

Excellent, Daud was interesting even if he appeared only briefly, a much more worthy foe than the main bad guys. I'm excited to play as him or one of his assassins and get his side of the story.

Avatar image for dogfather76

I have this game on the shelf waiting to be played. Just too many good games out at the moment. I'm anxious to play it though.

Avatar image for JustinRiden


It's only a couple hours long. Beat it in a weekend than move on to other games. Really worth the time though.

Avatar image for Carpetfluff

@JustinRiden @dogfather76 Okay, if you skip everything on the side and play it as an action game, and run, you can do it in four or five hours. If you play it with some stealth, do all the side missions and explore - like I did my first run I clocked just under 30 hours. The side missions alone add big chunks of time.

Avatar image for 2bitSmOkEy

@JustinRiden @dogfather76 Well it's definitely longer than 2 hours...Plus, if you go the pure stealth route it adds more value and not to mention more depth to the gameplay. It's definitely worth playing through twice, though.

Avatar image for JustinRiden

@2bitSmOkEy @JustinRiden @dogfather76

by a couple i meant like 7-8. Just going through trying to get as much as i could done without failing. Switching between stealth and full frontal combat.

Avatar image for 2bitSmOkEy

@dogfather76 You should bump it up on your list ^^. Dishonored is a phenomenal game. The best game of 2012 imo.

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