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Ark: Survival Ascended Has Surprise-Launched On PC, Coming To Console In November

The remake of the original Ark: Survival Evolved is out now on PC.


As part of the Xbox Partner Preview event, Microsoft released the first gameplay trailer for Ark: Survival Ascended, the Unreal Engine 5 remake of Ark: Survival Evolved. Not only that, but developer Studio Wildcard launched the game on PC and confirmed it's coming to console in November. On PC, the game is available through Steam Early Access for $40.50.

The game is described as a "top-to-bottom remake" of the original game, and the trailer shows off just how much the graphics are improved. It is pretty striking. The game has physics-based destruction, more environmental details than before, and more advanced lighting. Additionally, the UI has been overhauled and now supports further customization so players can make the UI as involved or scaled-back as they want.

In a blog post, developer Studio Wildcard shared more details about Ascended's cross-platform modding system. There will be a CurseForge mod browser built into the game where players can find all manner of user creations to choose from. Studio Wildcard teased that it is working with "professional game studios and developers" to bring their original content and IP to Ascended, which suggests there might be crossovers with other established franchises.

Ark: Survival Ascended includes all previously released paid DLC and new content of its own, including additional store content, new DLC, seasonal events, and quality-of-life updates. Studio Wildcard said it plans to release 11 brand-new creatures to the game over time.

Studio Wildcard is also developing Ark 2, featuring Vin Diesel, for release in 2024.

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