Ark Dev Talks Xbox One X And Says Sony Won't Allow Cross-Play

"Currently Sony won't allow it :("


With the official release of Ark: Survival Evolved coming up soon, lead designer Jeremy Stieglitz has been busy responding to fan questions on Twitter. Two topics that recently came up were the Xbox One X and potential cross-play support between Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

On the subject of the Xbox One X's horsepower, Stieglitz said Ark can run at the equivalent of "Medium" or "High" settings on PC. It can run at 1080p/60fps (Medium) or 1440p/30fps (High), and it sounds like developer Studio Wildcard may offer an option to switch between them.

And speaking about cross-play between Xbox One and PS4, Stieglitz said Studio Wildcard has this up and running internally, and the issue now is Sony will not allow cross-play (via NeoGAF).

At E3, PlayStation executive Jim Ryan said one reason why Sony isn't allowing cross-play between PS4 and Xbox One is because the company is concerned about the safety of its users. If Sony allowed PSN to connect to an outside network like Xbox Live, Sony would not be able to fully control the experience. This could potentially put its users, in particular children, at risk, Ryan said.

This is not the first time Studio Wildcard has publicly called out Sony for one of its policies. Last year, the developer said Sony would not allow an in-development version of Ark on PS4. Whatever issues existed were apparently resolved, as Ark came to PS4 in December 2016.

Ark's official release date is August 29 for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. Keep checking back with GameSpot, as we'll have more on the game in the lead-up to release.

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