Argonaut titles signed for UK

Evolved Games announces that it will publish both Powerdrome and Malice in the UK in the first half of this year.


Power Drome

London-based Evolved Games, formerly known as Xicat Interactive, has today announced that it will publish both Powerdrome and Malice in the UK this year. Both of the Argonaut-developed titles will be released for the PlayStation 2 and Xbox--Malice in March, followed by Powerdrome in April.

Powerdrome is an update of a futuristic racing game that was originally released for the Amiga and Atari ST back in 1988. The game is being developed by a team headed by the game's original creator, Michael Powell, and will see players racing antigravity bikes, known as blades, around 24 different circuits. Online play for up to eight racers will be supported on both the PS2 and Xbox.

Malice, which was originally going to be published as an Xbox-exclusive game by VU Games, is an action game in which players assume the role of a young hammer-wielding demigoddess who is on a mission to destroy an enormous dog deity. The game features 29 levels of platform-style gameplay and seven different dog god bosses to overcome.

For more information on both Powerdrome and Malice, check out our previous coverage using the links above.

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